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Providing Resources for Helping
You A.R.K.-- Awaken to Spirit;
ealize More of Your Potential; and
now How to Fulfill Your Divine Destiny

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Heaven On Earth . . . Build It and HEaven Will Come!

Can you imagine what life and our world would be like if everyone of us was awake to our true spiritual identity, realized our full God-given potential and accomplished our ultimate purpose for being here?

Can you imagine what could be possible if everyone in a nation, or community or even just one church manifested our true identity and purpose?

How well are you manifesting stewardship over the rich talents, treasures and resources entrusted to you? Please take a few minutes to complete the Spiritual Wheel of Life exercise to help you determine how well you are growing spiritually and perhaps discover those areas where you might want to increase your focus and effort.

  Wheel of Life Exercise for a Spiritual Seeker

  How would you rate your spiritual life on this modified Wheel of Life?

How would you modify the Wheel of Life exercise to apply it to your spiritual path? What are some of the factors you would use to assess how effectively you apply your spiritual principles and practices? Listed below are a few possibilities. Take a few minutes to decide which are the most important areas to consider from your personal perspective and then make your own modified Wheel. Then complete the process of placing a mark on each new spoke you create to reflect your present level of satisfaction with your spiritual development or church. Then connect the dots and consider where your Spiritual Wheel of Life might be out of balance.

                                     Possible Factors for Evaluating How You Practice Spiritual Principles:

How Rounded Is Your Spiritual Wheel of Life?


PRAISE THE LORD                                                                              BE GRATEFUL 
  (AND ALL OTHERS)                                                                             IN ALL THINGS

                LET GO                                                                                                                                    SEEK FIRST
          AND LET GOD                                                                                                                           THE  KINGDOM 


 FAITHFUL STEWARDSHIP                                                                  BE  STILL AND
(TITHING/SERVING/GIVING)                                                           KNOW I AM GOD


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The organizations that created this site (CENTER SPACE, the University for Successful Living, and EAGLES) seek to provide a Cyber Space Resource Center™ where those of us who feel drawn to help co-create Heaven on earth might share our thoughts, our experiences, our dreams and our resources. This site and those linked to it provide some of the world’s best resources for spiritual, personal, organizational and community empowerment.

Would you like to help bring forth Heaven on Earth?

All you have to do is help trace the outline, paint the picture, help envision what it will be like and pray for its manifestation in Divine Order and Perfect Harmony.

What books or movies or quotes have you found helpful in your life that others might also find helpful in lifting up our vision? What personal testimony do you have to share that may provide light upon the path for your brothers and sisters who seek first the Kingdom of God and  right-use-ness in their lives?

We invite you to join us in this ever unfolding journey of dis/covery to learn more about who we are, why we are here and what we came here to be, do and have stewardheirship over.  

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