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The University
for Godhood


Providing Resources for Helping
You A.R.K.-- Awaken to Spirit;
ealize More of Your Potential; and
now How to Fulfill Your Divine Destiny

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The History, Evolution and Cosponsors of the University for Godhood

When I published the first 8-page newsletter in 1995 for CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Empowerment and Enlightenment), I used the word God three times. There were a handful of people who told me I couldn't use the word God in such a publication.

When they did so, I asked them to open their purse (or wallet) take out a dollar bill and tell me what it said which was (and Thank God still is) In God We Trust.  After enduring several of those conversations, I decided to let them serve as a marketing lesson and I incorporated the more generic non-profit University for Successful Living. All of the programs, products and services were (and essentially still are) the same, and that experience has led to the establishment of the University for Godhood.

"What the world still needs is an institution of learning where men and women of real ability can be trained without becoming inhumanly perfect, and this involves the whole panoply of intellectual endeavor. The colleges of today don't even tease the students’ capacity for greatness. How wonderful it would be if a college were to become a magnificent spiritual and intellectual proving ground and thereby act as a prodding incentive calling upon the full depths of one inherent abilities.” -- The Ultimate Frontier 

That is the kind of University I envision for Heaven on Earth and The City of Light Sedona.


According to Genii Townsend, author of The City of Light Sedona: Revelation of the Prophecies, Purpose, Plans and Manifestation of Cities of Light, Love and Healing, the City will introduce new Light Healing Technologies that doctors, healers and scientists from all over the world will visit to learn how to heal with Light Energy instead of knives, needles, or drugs. Genii also reports that the "Master Plan" for The City of Light Sedona also includes a University, Imagine That!

Can you imagine a University for Successful Living that provides resources on Love, Light, 
Healing, Enlightenment and Well-Being through an international network of
Centers for Successful Living that help students learn how to:

Master successful living skills for the 21st Century;
Radiate love, peace, joy, harmony and forgiveness;
Manifest their ultimate destiny as cocreators of Heaven on Earth;
Leave a Legacy of Love, Light, Service and Stewardheirship.

That is exactly the shared vision of CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal, And Community Empowerment and Enlightenment) and the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living, two not-for-profit organizations that cofounded Universal StewardHeirShip, Inc. and the University for Godhood.

CENTER SPACE is a not-for-profit membership organization that facilitates spiritual, personal and community empowerment and enlightenment by providing programs and services designed to help people A.R.K.-- Awaken to Spirit; Realize more of their potential; and Know how to fulfill their ultimate destiny (whatever that means to each individual). Our ultimate goal is to help establish an international network of Centers for Successful Living™ and Empowerment Resource Centers™ to help individuals, organizations and communities see, believe and achieve all they can be, do  and have stewardship over.

The Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living (UDU) is a not-for-profit membership organization created to help members and students realize more of your inherent potential, fulfill your life purpose and manifest your ultimate destiny (whatever that means to you personally). UDU publishes, produces and distributes programs, products and services to facilitate personal, organizational and community empowerment, enlightenment, consciousness, sustainability and transformation.

Please Help Support Spiritual, Personal and Community Enlightenment and the University for Godhood Project!

Norman Vincent Peale, Charles Betterton
and Les Brown at the Community Unity Celebration CENTER SPACE produced in 1990 that led to the University for Godhood.

We depend on donations and contributions to help cover the costs of operating this web site and responding to requests for our services and publications. If you would like to help support the work of this CENTER SPACE project, you may do so in whatever way resonates with you. For example, you may join us as a Founding Member, make a one time donation, make an annual pledge and or donate stock. 

Your donations to CENTER SPACE are tax deductible. You may share your love offerings with us by check or credit card. Please contact us at 760-212-9931 with any questions or to make special arrangements that best suit your interests and needs.

Thank you!
Charles Betterton

Cofounder of CENTER SPACE and Ultimate Destiny University  

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