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Celebrity and Empowerment Marionettes

Genii Townsend, author of The City of Light Sedona, is a professional marionette artist and she has created over 5,000 marionettes during her career. For 18 years, she owned and operated Geniiland near Hollywood which was a favorite place for celebrities to take their children for a very magical birthday party.

Genii has made hundreds of marionettes of "celebrities" including those shown below. To see how much work is involved in creating a marionette that make them worth thousands of dollars, Click Here for photos of Genii creating the marionettes of Ellen Degeneres. Genii donated one of them to help raise funds for the Sedona Art and Film Festivals and she gave the other one to Ellen for her birthday and got to enjoy watching Ellen dancing with herself on the Ellen Show, Imagine That!

Several of the celebrity marionettes have been donated by Genii as fundraisers for non-profit organizations such as the Sedona Arts Council and the Sedona Film Festival. Genii has also accepted commissions to create marionettes of other individuals whose family or associates want to honor in such a unique and innovative manner.


Genii is now working through The Light Center with Ultimate Destiny University to create Empowerment Marionettes™ of authors and trainers who have received the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award (such as Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra, etc.) whose inspiring and motivation messages will be shared with children.

Photo of Genii and Les Brown at Loral Langemeier's YES! Energy Celebration.





 Genii with Liza, Carol Burnett and Sammy Davis, Jr.


Mark Victor Hansen


Barry Manilow 

Les Brown

Robert Shields


Sammy Davis Jr.

Carol Burnett

* If your non-profit organization would like to be considered for the donation of one of Genii's one-of-a-kind heirloom celebrity marionettes worth a couple of thousand dollars, please contact Genii with your request. 

** If you would like to commission a marionette of a celebrity (with their permission of course), or perhaps someone you love, Genii may also be able to produce the most original gift possible, Imagine That!

Imaginella and the Empowerment Marionettes
Helping Children of All Ages Discover How To Use Their Imagination To
Realize More of Their Potential and Fulfill Their Ultimate Destiny.


Imaginella on skates

Imaginella clowning around

Imaginella Interviewing Whoopi
About Her Role In the Golden Dreams Movie at California Adventure

Imaginella Interviewing Deepak About the Alliance for A New Humanity

Imaginella Thanking Mark Victor Hansen for His Mega Book Expo

Oprah on the Imaginella Show Talking About Ultimate Destiny, Imagine That!

Imaginella Interviewing Les Brown
on "Say Yes To Success With Les"!

Imaginella Interviewing Who-No
About His Book on Ultimate Destiny

Imaginella Interviewing Herself About Publishing Her Book, Imagine That!

Picture Here!

Imaginella Interviewing You
On How You Helped Her Share "Imaginella's Imagine That!"
TV Program with Millions of
Children All Over the World.

Genii has created 5,000 marionettes and she operated Geniiland near Hollywood for 18 years. Now her focus is on harnessing the power of television, the Internet and interactive multimedia programs featuring some of the best trainers on the planet to reach, empower and inspire millions of children all over the world, Imagine That!

Please Click Here for a 2 page overview of our our project to produce a pilot for PBS with Les Brown.

If you would like to help The Light Center and Ultimate Destiny produce "edutainment" programs designed to help children discover how to tap their creative imagination, get in touch with their dreams and learn how to grant their own wishes as they fulfill more of their ultimate destiny, please contact us at or call 760-212-9931. Thank you!