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Creating A Network of Development Opportunities!

"When a community and its people are empowered, they have the capacity to articulate their needs; to identify actions to solve those needs; and to mobilize and organize resources in pursuit of commonly defined goals. When the people of a community come together to visualize and work together to achieve a common future, they recognize that everyone--regardless of education, job, race, age, or background--has something important to contribute to personal and community empowerment. Indeed, the greater the diversity of the participants, the richer the vision and the more effective its accomplishment" -- Lorraine Garkovich, University of Kentucky

Loraine's visionary statement and the inspiring words from the song Earth by David Roth encompass our ultimate vision and mission of fostering personal, community, national and global transformation. We seek to accomplish that by providing expanded access to state-of-the-art resources for development training while incorporating the Community Economic Development principles of Self-Help, Empowerment and Capacity Building.
Click Here for a PDF of the book covers and the one-page Strategic Implementation Matrix

This forthcoming book from Ultimate Destiny Network suggests that THE Foundational Principles upon which
we as a people and as citizens are UNITED are far
more significant and meaningful than any personal,
social, economic or political differences, beliefs,
opinions, STATES OF mind, disagreements, or
divergent perspectives for as Benjamin Franklin said,
“The destiny of AMERICA is not power, it is Light”.

The book presents a possible future vision of a
United State of Americans. It also issues an invitation, a call
to action and a comprehensive Strategic Implementation Matrix
for  establishing a network of CAN DO! Community Economic Development Resource Centers
for Self-help, Empowerment and Capacity Building.

The Resource Centers will educate, equip and enable individuals, organizations and communities to realize more of their potential and expand their capacity to help solve the social, economic and environmental challenges we face together on what
Buckminster Fuller referred to as SpaceShip Earth and "betterment for 100% of humanity."

By providing expanded access to development training resources and "
successful living skills for the 21st Century" including "infopreneurship" individuals, families and communities will be strengthened, jobs will be saved and created, and America will fulfill its ultimate destiny.

Our Ultimate Vision is a world of more fully actualized individuals living in a higher and more enlightened consciousness of Universal StewardHeirShip™ as our shared destiny. That encompasses Bucky Fuller’s vision of “betterment for 100% of humankind”, Arthur Morgan's works including The Great Community, and an adaptation of Abraham Maslow's description of "fully actualized individuals" to fostering the cocreation of "fully actualizing communities". Our vision also incorporates the principles and practices of Community Economic Development that include Self-Help, Empowerment and Capacity Building and resources from intentional communities.

The present evolution of this Vision and Strategic Implementation Matrix for establishing a national network of CAN DO! Community Economic Development Empowerment Resource Centers was initially articulated in a response to then President Elect Obama's invitation through for citizens to suggest possible enhancements to the Federal Government. This project is just one major component of the larger Strategic Marketing Matrixfor manifestation of the vision and mission of Ultimate Destinyland to bless and serve millions of people worldwide, manifest stewardship over billions of dollars and leave a trillion dollar legacy.

Click Here if you would like to review a PDF document that further introduces how the Resource Center projects  incorporate the principles and practices of Community Economic Development that include Self-Help, Empowerment and Capacity Building to help create and save millions of jobs and help millions of people learn how benefit from Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century including the new field of Infopreneurship.

In recent months, HUD has initiated several innovative new programs that we believe would benefit from the inclusion of the programs, products and systems available to and through the network of CAN DO! Community Economic Development Resource Centers.  Some of these relevant HUD programs include: Sustainable Housing and Communities; Choice Neighborhoods; and Strong Cities, Strong Communities.

Click Here for more details on each of these significant and substantial HUD programs that reinforce our vision and suggestion that HUD could and perhaps should be the lead Federal Agency in helping ensure the success of the Strategic Implementation Matrix
for establishing a national network of CAN DO! Community Economic Development Empowerment Resource Centers.  


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Strategic Implementation Matrix™ for Establishing A Network of Community
Economic Development and Empowerment Resource Centers to Help Create and Save Jobs.

The Centers would provide resources for self-help, empowerment and capacity building to enable individuals, organizations and communities to realize more of their potential and expand their capacity to help solve social, economic and environmental challenges. The one-page Strategic Implementation Matrix includes: 500,000 potential local sponsors; potential funding sources;  16 major topics for training and technical assistance that would be provided and 8 core proposed initiatives that would facilitate the expanded acquisition and application of successful living skills that would lead to creation of new businesses and jobs.

  These 8 core strategies foster “mega-successful living skills for the 21st Century” including: 

Infopreneurship: Mentoring, Training and Consulting Services on Creating Intellectual Properties.

Mentoring and Consulting Services in Publishing, Digital Publishing, Internet Marketing, etc. 

Cooperative Printing, Publishing, and Multi-media Production Resources.

Training in Micro-Enterprise Development, Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise/Entrepreneurship.

Technical Assistance in Obtaining  Equity Capital, Grants and Donations. 

Templates for establishing ETMS™ Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems™

Technical assistance for creating local CAN DO! Empowerment Resource Centers and Programs.
24 X 7 online access to the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living successful living skills training (including business management skills such as leadership, team building, effective communication, creative thinking and problem solving, visioning and strategic planning, etc.)

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“Inherently, each one of us has the substance within to achieve whatever our goals and dreams define. What is missing from each of us is the training, education, knowledge and insight to utilize what we already have.”  -- Mark Twain


The 14 stand-alone interactive programs in the Ultimate Destiny Success System Library from the non-profit Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living provide the training, education, knowledge and insights to help individuals, organizations and communities realize and actualize more of their inherent potential.

 Charles Betterton, cofounder of Ultimate Destinyland
with an ETMS (Empowerment Training
Mentoring System) located within a model Empowerment Resource Center
in San Diego, CA.

The cofounders of Ultimate Destinyland have a shared vision that our mission includes reaching, serving and blessing millions of underserved people and helping create and save jobs. Our strategy for accomplishing that is to provide expanded access to some of the world's best development training programs, partly through a network of Community Economic Development Empowerment Resource Centers™ as described at

Our programs are based on about 40 years of experience in designing and implementing innovative new ways to help Expand the Circle of Success. We know from personal experience that many if not most leading training companies focus just on the top 10% to 13% of the population.

If you would like to review the larger vision of how we plan to help establish hundreds of locally initiated non-profit Community Economic Development Empowerment Resource Centers, please visit and review a  PRWeb news release at

In our work as community organizers and community economic development specialists, the cofounders
of Ultimate Destinyland conducted visioning, planning and strategic planning exercises for non-profit organizations and communities. Two of the main questions we usually include and the top three answers to each one revealed through The Three Round Method of Brainstorming are provided below:

(1)  What are the greatest problems affecting the quality of life in the community?

Inadequate citizen involvement in community affairs.
Inadequate leadership throughout government.
Lack of community unity and cooperation and collaboration.

(2)  What corrective measures can be taken to address those problems?

Expand church and community involvement.
Develop more community-based programs
Provide access to resources that will enhance self-help, empowerment and capacity building for individuals and organizations

In response to those results, several successful Community Resource Centers have been established and
now Ultimate Destiny is launching the Expanding the Circle of Success campaign to help establish a network of locally initiated non-profit CAN DO! Community Economic Development Empowerment Resource Centers. Click Here for a few excerpts from newspaper articles about
training programs produced by CAN DO! and the Community Development Resource Center and visit

Whatever you can vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and
enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.” --Paul J. Meyer

Earl Nightingale, the “Dean of Motivation” and co-founder of Nightingale-Conant (the World Leader in Personal Development since 1960) told a story about a father who was trying to work who had a young son who wanted to play. The father cut a picture of the world out of a magazine and made it into a jigsaw puzzle. He gave it to his son and told him that they could play when he had put the puzzle back together. 

The father, who had imagined that it would take his son at least several minutes to complete the task, was surprised when his son returned almost instantly back with the puzzle completed. When he asked his son how he had managed to put it together so quickly, his son answered: “It was easy Dad. There was a picture of a man on the other side and when I put the picture of the man together, the world was together too.” 

Ultimate Destiny is fostering the realization of human potential and “expanding the circle of success” through the establishment of an international network of facilities and facilitators that provide resources for personal, organizational, and community empowerment. Our team has been conducting research for more than 40 years on the best programs, products and trainers to discover those that actually deliver results and help participants learn how to develop successful living skills.

We have developed dozens of new proprietary programs, products and systems that help people learn how to learn. We have also developed strategic alliances with the producers of best-selling programs and have developed adaptations of their programs designed to be more effective for the populations we serve, especially those who may have had limited experience with development training materials.

We are helping these individuals learn how to put their own “success puzzles” together. And just like the story about the father and his son, as the individual pieces come together for each person, the puzzle for the whole world begins to come into focus. That is why we now ask you this question:

Which Pieces of Solving Your Ultimate Destiny
Success Puzzle Are Most Important To You Personally?
(Click on any of the images below for more details about each stand-alone program)

A Comprehensive "University for Successful Living"

Over 1,400 pages in 14 stand-alone digital programs!

We Invite You to Try Out Any or All of the Titles In Our Ultimate Destiny Success System Library Through our Pay What Its Worth To You Program!
Click on any of the images above to learn more about that program.


The Great Community will achieve a living unity. It will not be just an aggregation of individuals, families, congregations, firms, cliques, and interests. Holding that 'that which unites us is greater than that which separates us,' it will develop unity of outlook, purpose, and program without thwarting individual or group autonomy. Its various organizations will not tear the community apart to advance themselves, but will be agencies of an enlarging and unifying community life." 
-- Arthur Morgan. Author of The Small Community and The Great Community in the 1940's.Arthur Morgan also founded Community Service, Inc. and he served as President of Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Click Here for an expanded article on The Great Community.

More Resources from Community Service

Community Service is dedicated to the development, growth and enhancement of small local communities. We envision a country where the population is distributed in small communities that are sustainable, diverse and culturally sophisticated.  Community Service was founded in 1940 as an educational institution focused on the ideas and practices of small community and the appraisal, development and circulation of these ideas and practices. 

The “technology” of Small Local Communities is centuries old. Arthur Morgan spent many decades in the process of systematizing and refining the theory of small communities. In his role of engineer, educator, and government official he put this theory into practice in different environments. The Community Course introduces concepts, rules and tips in the formation or enhancement of a Small Local Community. The course is available for high school and college instructors for use in teaching the concepts of small community. The course allows instructors to address not only the economics, education and other aspects of community, but also the psychological and relationship aspects of the small community. Click Here for details on the free course.

Click Here for another example of the types of programs would be designed and delivered as demonstrated in the Success Center Partnership Newsletter from an award-winning application. It includes brief introductions to some of the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients who are ready to help provide expanded access to their world-class development training materials.

We plan to produce introductory materials on the Resource Center including brochures, print and electronic newsletters, etc. along with continuing refinements to this web site, a related blog site, and completion of a Success Puzzle Template for the Resource Center like the example provided for Sedona Collaborative Enterprises.

Click Here to review an example of an introductory print newsletter developed
 for the Success Center Partnership that introduces some of the world's best resource providers and examples of Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century that would be provided through the Community Resource Center.

Following are links to PDF documents that introduce some of the resources and prior programs produced by CENTER SPACE and CAN DO! that would be available for replication in local Resource Centers.  Some of these PDF documents take a few seconds to download because they present how these events are designed to generate maximum participation by participants, local businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and sponsors.

The examples include Empowerment Resource Showcases, the Introduction to Personal Success Techniques Seminars, a Community Unity Celebration featuring Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Les Brown, and personal and professional development training programs featuring some of the top trainers in the world who have received the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award such as Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen and Bonnie St. John

Also included is an introduction to how we are creating Empowerment Marionettes of world-class trainers to help children of all ages harness their creative genius and power of imagination.

More detailed examples are available that demonstrate how world-class trainers are helping provide expanded access to development training resources. Click Here for an article of how Les Brown donated about $50,000 worth of time and materials to help adapt his $100 100-page workbook into 12 pages of training for children as young as seven years old through the award-winning Success Center Partnership.

The Partnership was designed and developed by Charles Betterton and the non-profit CENTER SPACE for the Muncie, Indiana Public Housing Authority (MHA) though a HUD Drug Elimination Grant. The Success Center Partnership received recognition by HUD and the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO). The Executive Director of the MHA and Betterton presented How To Establish a Success Center Partnership for Your PHA at the 1999 National NAHRO Conference. The link for a draft forthcoming publication based on that presentation is

Another example of the model programs and resources that will be provided to and through local Resource Centers is the Community Economic Development Resource Center in Kankakee, Illinois. This highly successful prototype was established primarily by the Kankakee County Community Development Corporation with support of the Kankakee Development Corporation in an abandoned 22,000 square-foot National Guard Armory Building that had been slated for demolition for parking.

The Community Resource Center has served tens of thousands of residents with cultural, recreational and educational programs including a Micro-Enterprise Development training program that was funded with HUD Community Development Block Grant funds. The project received a Governor's Home Town Award and it has received a couple of million dollars in grants and donations from individual supporters and private and public sources. The Microenterprise Development training program is being refined to include "Infopreneurship".

These model programs are designed to be coproduced and sponsored by non-profit organizations, companies, chambers of commerce and local government as ways to introduce and demonstrate the significant benefits of the available programs and generate funding for the local Community Resource Centers.

Our Expanding the Circle of Success Campaign seeks to establish a national, and then international network of locally initiated, non-profit Community Economic Development Resource Centers (

Our Invitation to Sponsor a Local Community Resource Center. We invite any community, Indian or Public Housing Authority, Community Development Corporation or similar organization in America to let us help you establish a local non-profit CAN DO! CED Empowerment Resource Center to help design and deliver Community Economic Development programs and resources for your residents.  We will help facilitate the donation of millions of dollars worth of development training resources to and through the Resource Centers including the ETMS Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems and the Ultimate Destiny Success System programs developed by Ultimate Destiny University.

The ultimate goal of Ultimate Destiny is to help Expand the Circle of Success for Solving Our Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles by helping establish a network of non-profit Community Resource Centers that will provide Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century.

Click Here for the Strategic Implementation Matrix™ for establishing a network of CAN DO! Community Economic Development Empowerment Resource Centers developed by Charles Betterton, cofounder of Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living.

Click Here for a PDF document that presents more specific details of the CAN DO! Community Economic Development Empowerment Resource Centers project components, the management team, interim project budget, details of how funding will be administered, etc.

Click Here to discover how participation in Ultimate Destinyland could serve you,
your family, your business, non-profit organization and or community.

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Over one billion people lack safe water, and three billion lack sanitation; eighty per cent of infectious diseases are waterborne, killing millions of children each year. — World Bank Institute.

Click Here to discover how you can help Ultimate Water for Humanity, a non-profit organization, provide the benefits of structured water to people everywhere. Free E-book, Introduction to the Health Benefits, Cost Savings and Environmental Advantages of Structured Water, is available at

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