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Resources Available Through Community Resource Centers

“By applying the entrepreneurial CAN DO! attitude and the community economic development principles of self-help, empowerment and capacity-building, together we can all help create a shared vision of a better world. We can co-create loving, nurturing communities where individuals and organizations realize more of their inherent potential by applying the universal laws of successful living. We can envision and actualize our highest possible individual and collective potential by living, growing and serving together in harmony with love, hope, trust, and respect for everyone regardless of race, creed, age, gender, or religious preferences. Together, Yes We CAN DO!" -- Charles Betterton, cofounder of CAN DO! Resource Center and Ultimate Destinyland

According to 40 years of experience in over 40 countries, Paul J. Meyer's company Success Motivation International discovered that Successful People and Organizations have five qualities in common:

They radiate a positive mental attitude.

They are goal directed.

They are self-motivated.

They effectively manage their time.

They are masters at managing their money.

This page will provide details of the featured resources from the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living, Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients and other leading resource providers such as SMI and Nightingale-Conant that will be made available through the Resource Centers to help meet the needs of participating individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses, government agencies, etc. Many of these programs, products and services will be provided for free or on a donation basis to members and participants of the Community Resource Centers.

For more of an introduction to the types of resources that will be made available, please visit,, and

Click Here for an example of a resource on Leadership that will be available through the Resource Center