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Invitation for Collaboration by John Eggen and Mission Marketing Mentors

Dear Coach John:

Greetings from Sedona!

As I have been preparing for my Accelerator Session with you, I have reviewed the various documents and transcripts of interviews provided to help me get the most value from the gift of the 45 minutes. When I read the transcript of the interview with Robert Middleton, I was deeply impressed with how much valuable information you were able to share in just a few pages. I was especially appreciative of your descriptions of the three strategies and the discovery that my team and I have already discerned the significance of the “investor’s strategy” and we are building our company upon that as a foundation.

Later I was also grateful when I heard your suggestion to create the table of contents for a book that represents the subsequent training we have to offer. All 14 of our initial titles that I will discuss later have a template based table of contents that includes the 12 major training topics that we will offer to our readers, potential customers and members through seminars, webinars, and teleseminars.

As I reviewed the 1st page of 55 Time Tested Information Products and Programs, I was gratified to discover that my team and I have incorporated all but a couple of those "building blocks" within what we refer to as a "Strategic Marketing Matrix" as presented at

This is just one major component of the larger Strategic Marketing Matrix
for manifestation of the vision and mission of Ultimate Destinyland to bless and serve millions of people worldwide, manifest stewardship over billions of dollars and leave a trillion dollar legacy. It is that larger vision and purpose that we are inviting you to consider participating in as a cocreator in mutually beneficial ways that we can discuss if you resonate with that possibility.

Last year when I was seeking to obtain literary representation for our Ultimate Destiny titles from Waterside Productions, the agent reviewed the 1 page SMM web site and said it was light years beyond any platform he had ever seen. Given the fact that he had previously had his own imprint and had been a senior VP at Sterling Press, I was gratified that he saw the value of how the Strategic Marketing Matrix is a substantial evolution of the standard marketing funnel, and I was pleased that Waterside signed the literary agency agreement with us.

When I first shared what is now Ultimate Destinyland it was through the 12 Minute Business Plan exercise at an IBI (now CEO Space) with you as my partner. After we completed the exercise, you said something like: "You are creating the global Walmart for empowerment". I firmly believe that is an accurate observation and that with your team’s expertise, Ultimate Destiny could become one of the next dazzling success stories for Mission Marketing Mentors.

We have been told that our Company has the potential to grow into a billion dollar enterprise when we are successful in redirecting just one half of one percent of the 210 billion dollar development training industry. And we have the strategic marketing systems in place to accomplish that, partly through the establishment of a national (and then international) network of thousands of local non-profit CAN DO! Community Economic Development Empowerment Resource Centers .

Our vision and implementation strategy encompass the field of Community Economic Development (which I have a Master's in) that includes Self-Help, Empowerment and Capacity Building. The proposal to establish the network of local training and distribution centers is based on about 40 years of (mostly) award-winning prototype community resource centers along with innovative programs and products that help reach the underserved populations through 500,000 local distribution channels and sponsors we have already identified such as United Ways, Community Development Corporations, Public Housing Authorities, etc. (More details are available at, and )

So, it is not just help publishing and marketing books that I am interested in benefiting from your expertise. Rather it is cocreative participation by you personally and the Mission Marketing Mentors team to help Ultimate Destiny fulfill our ultimate vision and mission of:

(1) Blessing millions of people by helping them A.R.K. (Awaken to their true spiritual identity, Realize more of their inherent potential and Know how to discover and manifest their ultimate destiny (whatever that means to each individual);

(2) Manifest stewardship over billions of dollars in the process through our cause-oriented company based on the 4 Ps of Purpose, People, Planet and Profitability; and

(3) Leave a trillion dollar legacy of programs, products and organizations that ultimately helps manifest Abraham Maslow's vision of "fully actualized individuals" and Bucky Fuller's vision of " betterment for 100% of humanity".

We have an initial series of 14 stand-alone titles in the Ultimate Destiny Success System (UDSS) ready to publish on every major digital reader platform. We are also planning to publish them initially in print through Create Space and use them to help build our Ultimate Destiny and Solving Success Puzzles brands and to help market other forthcoming titles that could be more commercially viable.

We are presenting our initial series of titles within the larger context of  “Expanding the Circle of Success” to  help generate increased individual and collective capacity to solve our personal, organizational, community and global “ultimate destiny success puzzles”.  The 2 main titles are Solving Your Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle and Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny (which we developed as a bonus for JV partners to help distribute).

(Working draft from the Elance resource
provider helping design covers)
(Draft concept of how all back
covers will feature all 14 titles)

The other initial 12 titles in the UDSS each focus more specifically on 1 "piece of the success puzzle" or 1 "facet of fulfilling your destiny" (whatever that means to each individual).  For example: 
Realizing Your Ultimate Potential; Fulfilling Your Life Purpose and Mission; Enjoying Financial Freedom and ProsperityHarnessing Your Creative Power, Achieving Ultimate Success in Business or Career; Enjoying Loving Relationships; Raising Your Consciousness; Enjoying Ultimate Health and Well-Being; Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment; Enjoying Peace and Balance; Making a Difference and Leaving a Legacy; and Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability.

Each of the 14 titles has its own web site, WordPress blog site, self-discovery exercises, quizzes, introductory marketing articles, ezine, Hall Of Fame Award, Featured Resources, Astore, bonuses, webinar, seminar, playshop, coaching and mentoring, membership services, affiliate program, etc.

In addition to the initial 14 titles, we will publish 2 introductory books that present the larger context within which we are publishing these Ebooks and books that are designed to help individuals realize more of their potential and thereby generate expanded personal and collective capacity to help address the increasing social, economic, and environmental challenges we face.

For example,
Solving the Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle for the United States of America is designed to generate funding from Federal agencies such as HUD, (the US Department of Housing and Urban Development) that I held high level management positions with for about 15 years. I also received the highest cash award ever paid a HUD employee for a modification to a computerized property management information system that saved over 300 million dollars.

HUD has allocated a few billion dollars in the past 12 months for the Recovery Program and other initiatives to help save and create jobs and help address the causes of foreclosures that our projects are eligible to receive grants and contracts from. This funding will help implement our Expanding the Circle of Success campaign that includes a Strategic Implementation Matrix
for establishing a national network of local NPO CAN DO! Centers for Successful Living. Through the Campaign, we and the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients will donate 100 million dollars worth of development training materials over the next 10 years to and through local NPOs, including of course those we founded, cofounded and or have a strategic alliance with.

The Resource Centers, based on 40 years of successful prototypes (including a few award-winning centers funded by HUD) incorporate the foundational principles of the field of
Community Economic Development (that I hold a Master's degree in) which includes Self-Help, Empowerment and Capacity Building. The Centers will also feature the Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century we have developed including the Ultimate Destiny Success System and adaptation of an award-winning microenterprise development program I helped design, develop and deliver that is being refined as Infopreneurship Training.

Solving Our Personal, Community and Global Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzles is more globally focused than the personal, community and national focus of the USA book and it is targeted more to potential strategic alliance partners, JVs, equity investors, and to other countries than the USA. We have already had inquiries from individuals, companies and NPOs in 8 countries interested in a license.

Both of these books will be published electronically and through our Ultimate Destiny Network imprint on Create Space in the next few weeks. They will include content from some of the world's leading experts in related fields, including many of the first 50 recipients of our Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award.

The "marketing mentoring mission" my team and I need is help becoming the next major publishing enterprise in your portfolio of major successes. We need your expertise and guidance in refining our initial 14 individual titles, (as you point out on page 8 of the Middleton interview) along with the supplemental marketing titles and the system itself in strategic ways that effectively cross promote the other titles and lead to sales of the entire library and upsales to the printed and audio editions, memberships, webinars, seminars, licensing of facilitators, affiliate programs, strategic alliances, equity partners, sales of featured resources included in each title, etc.

In the process of investing most of the past 3 to 4 years studying publishing, electronic publishing, marketing and Internet marketing, we have developed several innovative new systems, processes and strategies. These include: the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards; our Ultimate Fundraising Programs for non-profit organizations; and of course the
Strategic Marketing Matrix that we adapt to help visually demonstrate and systematically implement the coordinated steps in ensuring the ultimate success of a program or product.

While we plan to publish all of our titles in multiple electronic formats and in print (initially through our Ultimate Destiny imprint at Create Space), we are also open to the possibility of attracting a like-minded traditional publisher that we would invite to publish one or perhaps more of the more commercially viable titles. Our marketing strategy is designed to help us and the potential publisher discover from actual sales results and market experience what titles would be most appropriate for traditional publishing. And of course, we would be seeking to retain the digital rights if at all possible . . .

We established
Ultimate Destinyland with  Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc. as our primary for-profit C Corporation which serves as the publisher, marketer and distributor of our publications, programs, products and services. We have also created a couple of affiliated non-profit organizations (NPOs), including the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living, partly to serve as the primary distribution channels for the Ultimate Destiny Success System and scores of other intellectual properties we have developed. We know from decades of personal experience how these NPOs can generate revenue through memberships, they can receive grants, donations, free publicity, discounts on goods and services, etc.

Over the past few years, members of our team and I have attended scores of training programs on publishing, digital publishing, marketing and Internet marketing. Some of these include: several of Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Book Marketing, Mega Speaking and Mega Marketing Universities; Peggy McColl and Randy Gilbert’s Best Seller Book Marketing; Rick Frishman’s Author 101 University; David Riklan’s training on developing and selling Ebooks; several of Armand Morin’s Big Seminars and his AM 2.0 Gold Mentoring Program;  Tom Antion’s Great Internet Marketing Mentoring program; Arielle Ford’s training on Everything You Need to Know; h Mike Stewart's  audio video training; training with Matt Bacak; Stu McLaren; Tom Bird; Paul Hartunian; Fred Gleek; Ellen Violette; Jim Edwards; Daniel Hall and many others.

In the past few years, we have generated several hundred thousand dollars in equity capital, mostly from our cofounders in Ultimate Destiny Network. Our team members and I have previously generated over 100 million dollars of grants, donations and contracts for clients in the non-profit and government sectors. Over the past few years, we have invested over $150,000 acquiring training, hardware, software, IP, etc.

About 3 years ago, we turned down an offer of 20 million dollars from a billionaire who offered to acquire 100% ownership of our company and the scores of intellectual properties we have created. We turned him down because of several factors that we discovered about him when we did the due diligence. . . . and because we want the primary beneficiaries of the works we are developing to be the members and individuals and communities we serve, not just to help wealthy people get wealthier.

One of the tools we use to demonstrate the interconnectedness of the various components of our business model is a Rubik's Cube. Click Here for an example of the Ultimate Destinyland Success Puzzle. Our corporate motto and shared vision statement is
Blessing Millions, Manifesting Stewardship Over Billions and Leaving a Trillion Dollar Legacy.

In recent months, actually for about 3 years, we have been "boot strapping" the ongoing progress of preparing for the "ultimate launch" of Ultimate Destinyland. That is why we are holding the vision of collaborating with you in mutually beneficial ways other than a standard client vendor relationship. 

The most recent development is our decision to evolve our for-profit enterprises into a new Company based on the relatively new Benefit Corporation model. We are about to incorporate Universal Stewardheirship, Inc. and transfer all of the intellectual properties and shares in Ultimate Destiny Network into the new entity.

 In addition, we will be allocating 40% of the founders shares to affiliated non-profits (including those we have created of course) and another 10% of the shares will be allocated to strategic alliance partners like Mission Marketing Mentors that help us actualize and manifest what we believe has the potential to evolve into a billion dollar enterprise.

I felt it could be useful to share this overview because I believe we will eventually collaborate in mutually beneficial ways. In any event, thanks again for all the content rich information you share with those of us who aspire to learn from your expertise and training. I am happy to report that I feel I have already received several thousand dollars worth of valuable insights and information just from your teleseminars and the preliminary information you have provided.

By the way, I have reviewed the Required Activities and Assignments and the Success Report form and am impressed with the level of detail and what is obviously a highly successful proven system. Given that and the fact that I hold Lorna McLeod in the highest possible regard, it will be an honor and an amazing opportunity to collaborate with you and your team.


Charles Betterton
Cell 760-212-9931

PS. I had sent a note thanking you for mentioning God during the teleseminar.  All of our coauthors, board members and most of our investors view our work as “God’s Work”. Many of them are New Thought Ministers, Teachers or Practitioners and most of them also have business expertise. 

We like to spell the word God with the infinity symbol for the O as we believe and think of God as Infinite Good. We describe our overarching collective vision and mission as helping individuals, organizations and communities A.R.K.Awaken to Spirit; Realize more of their potential and Know how to discover and manifest their ultimate destiny (whatever that means to each one).

PPS. Following are the results of some recent google searches:

Google Searches on Ultimate Destiny’s Main Titles and Key Word Phrases as of June 18, 2011

Realizing Your Ultimate Potential    1,2,3,4,6,7,8, 7 10 of 33,300,000 matching pages

Fulfilling Your Life Purpose and Mission    1,2,3,4 8, & 9 of 7,410,000 results

Enjoying Financial Freedom and Prosperity   1,2,3,4,& 5 of 858,000

Harnessing Your Creative Power    1 & 2 of 2,250,000 results

Achieving Ultimate Success in Business or Career  1,2,3,4 6, & 9 of 3,310,000

Achieving Ultimate Success       1 and 2 of 18,900,000 results

Enjoying Loving Relationships   1,2,3, 5,6 & 7 of  1,140,000 results

Raising Your Consciousness Level  6 & 9 of 4,620,000 results

Enjoying Ultimate Health and Well-Being   1,2,3,7,8,& 9 of 3,610,000 results

Enjoying Ultimate Health and Fitness    1,2,4, & 9 of 2,360,000 results

Enjoying Ultimate Health    1,2,3, 4,6 & 9 of 1,720,000 results

Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment  1,2,3, & 10 of 302,000 results

Enjoying Peace and Balance  1,2,3,4,5, & 9 of 18,800,000 results

Making a Difference and Leaving a Legacy    1 of 7,070,000 results

Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability   1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,& 10+ of 168,000

Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny   1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,& 10 of 178,000 results

Solving Your Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,& 10 of 120,000

Solving Your Ultimate Success Puzzle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,& 10 of 27,200,000 results

Ultimate Destiny Success System  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,& 10 of 442,000 results

Ultimate Destiny University   1 to 100+ of 18,800,000 results

Ultimate Destinyland   1 to 35+ of 12,200 results

Ultimate Destiny Land 1 to 35+ of 1,180,000 results

Ultimate Success Puzzle   1 to 50+ of 33,200,000 results

Success Puzzle   2, 6, 8 + of  107,000,000 results