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Foreword for Healing Practitioners by Dr. Rick Cohen

To the Magnificent Community of Healing Practitioners, ranging from Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, All the Energy Healers, Vibration and light Healers, Accupuncturists, Accupressurists. Herbalists, Nutritionists, Crystal Healers, Ayurvedic Healers, Chinese medicine Healers, Shamanic Healers of ALL TRADITIONS, Spiritual Healers , Music Therapy healers, Physical Therapy healers, Rolfers, Massage Therapists, and All other Healers not mentioned here: 

Please accept an OPEN INVITATION to add the information in this book as another TOOL in your tool belt of SERVICE TO HUMANITY!! We have all done treatment on individuals where it seems like nothing seems to help, or minimal improvement is noted. What about the people that seem to get a rapid improvement in their condition but yet it is a short-lived result?  What about those who have fully recovered (or at least we thought) to return some time later with the exact same problems? What about those people who have improved greatly but yet are not 100% pain free?  

 I am sure this has happened to all of us who work to help heal others. When you have run out of things to try, why not try the solutions offered in this book? Better yet, why not incorporate these into your current treatment protocol and see if your results have not improved. 

For many of us, the MIND/BODY CONNECTION is not only honored in our chosen vocation, but in our OWN LIVES as well. Why not have your patient/client take on some of the responsibility of healing themselves and share the Powerful Healing Affirmations contained in this book and give them the opportunity to tap into the HIGHER SPIRITUAL POWER themselves? It can only help and make them even more RECEPTIVE to the wonderful WORK you are already doing.  

Thank you for already accepting the Invitation to help heal and raise humanity, your work is GREATLY APPRECIATED by the HIGHER SPIRITUAL BEINGS who continue to send us their LOVE, GUIDANCE and SUPPORT!

Dr. Rick Cohen

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