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Here is a recent ad related to this page:

Opportunity to earn income, equity and or revenue participation helping a Sedona company and non-profit publish, produce and market ebooks, books, seminars and workshops

If you have any skills with Front Page, WordPress, recording data or audio CDs, producing and or editing videos for the Internet, translation of content into Spanish (and other languages), establishing or managing Internet based membership or affiliate programs, designing and delivering seminars, workshops or webinars, we may have a rich mutually beneficial opportunity to share with you.

Also, if you have written a book, produced a seminar or workshop, provide consulting services or would like to earn money facilitating seminars and workshops in any of the 14 areas in our Ultimate Destiny Success System that are listed below, we are seeking additional resources and bonuses to featured in each of our publications and we are seeking additional facilitators and coaches.

Our team of co-creators from all over the US and Europe are about to launch Ultimate Destinyland that includes our cause oriented company, Ultimate Destiny Network and our affiliated non-profit Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living. Our first major product that will be launched in the next 2 weeks here in Sedona is the Ultimate Destiny Success System Library. It is a set of 14 interactive programs that cover every facet of discovering and fulfilling the ultimate destiny for an individual, organization, company or community.

We have the 14 titles ready to launch in the next few days as e-books initially and then in print through our own imprint at Lightning Source, scores of interconnected web sites (that need enhancement), Word Press blog sites (that we could use help further refining) , a Constant Contact ezine, a series of webinars and playshops ready to launch  (using GoToWebinar). There are 31pages of our first title available for review in the interactive BookBuzzr format at

We need help producing videos for YouTube etc. and to complete the Home Study Course version of the Ultimate Destiny Success System. We need help expanding and enhancing our web site for the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award Program, our Ultimate Fundraising Program that will donate up to 100% to any NPO that helps us market our programs and our Earn While You Learn Program.

We could use some help burning hundreds of data CDs, recording audio editions of the 14 titles, translation of our 14 titles into others languages (initially Spanish).

We have a literary agency agreement in place with what we believe is the best literary agency in the US thanks to Mark Victor Hansen and Tom Bird. They are helping us obtain the most appropriate publisher for some of our titles that we will publish through mainstream, traditional publishers. We have an affiliate program that pays 10% for any referrals and we participate in over 101 affiliate programs in marketing, publishing and Internet marketing through which our affiliates also earn referral commissions.

One example is at and another recent development is the affiliate program we have help set up to help market structured water products for the Sedona area based Natural Action Structured Water.

There are many ways that we can compensate individuals with any of these skills. They range from payment in part or full in cash, the opportunity to trade your services for equity shares in our company, an opportunity to benefit from revenue participation agreements (where you would help complete or produce content and receive a % of the net profits), several opportunities to help develop or complete new products that you could earn a royalty for, etc.

Most of the thousands of hours that have been invested by dozens of our team members have been in exchange for shares in the company. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity capital and have an Investment Marketing Memorandum in place that is available to accredited investors who would like to consider owning part of the company. (We turned down an offer from a billionaire who offered 20 million in cash about 3 years ago to buy the company).

You should know that most of the services that we have paid cash for, we have obtained through resources such as Elance or RentACoder. While that means we usually receive services from resource providers all over the world for high;y competitive and minimal fees, we prefer to build a local Sedona Collaborative Mastermind team to help us complete the process of blessing millions of people all over the world through Ultimate Destrinyland.

If you resonate with any of this invitation, please do contact me as soon as possible at 928-554-4715. Thank you!

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