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Sedona Collaborative Enterprises

Facilitating Cooperation, Community, Capacity Building, Co-creation, Service,  Stewardship and Sustainability

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"Collaborate - Be the light that others can come to with their ideas, visions, and dreams. Never doubt that blending your talents with those of others can change the world."

If your answer to any of the following questions is YES!, then you will be as excited
and grateful to learn about Sedona Collaborative Enterprises as we are to
help manifest the vision with other co-creators like you, Imagine That!

Would you like to enjoy the advantages of living, serving and working in fun, uplifting
and meaningful cooperative and collaborative enterprises and or a Mastermind group?

Have you written a book, composed music or created a training program
that you could use help marketing, promoting or distributing?

Do you offer classes or workshops that could be delivered in a retreat center
owned and operated by a cooperative venture of other resource providers?

Are you interested in earning extra income, either part time or full time, while helping
other individuals, organizations and communities realize more of their potential?

Would you like to experience living in an intentional community
with a focus on Spirit, Service, Stewardship and or Sustainability?

Would you be interested in owning part of a retreat center and or earning a
percentage of profits from programs through a revenue participation agreement?

Would you be interested in cocreating and or investing in companies involved in publishing, marketing and distribution, Internet marketing, audio video production and other activities that foster personal development, empowerment, enlightenment and transformation?

Sedona Collaborative Enterprises initially consists of several stand-alone components. They include not-for-profit organizations (NPOs), cause-oriented companies, retreat center programs, intentional communities, and two new companies based on the Benefit Corporation model ((including Universal Stewardheirship, Inc., Community Economic Development Benefit Corporation, Inc.).

They have been established to foster entrepreneurship, infopreneurship and social entrepreneurship, partly by utilizing the unprecedented Benefit Corporation model and the Crowd Funding provisions of the JOBS Act. The synergy produced by combining these various approaches is expected to generate exponential results in the ultimate success of the participating individuals, businesses and NPOs.

The main initial areas of focus for Sedona Collaborative Enterprises are provided on the Focus Areas page which includes several major projects. These include: Expanding the Circle of Success; Demonstrating the Principles and Practices of Community Economic Development (that include Self-Help, Empowerment and Capacity Building); Establishing CAN DO! Empowerment Resource Centers; Developing a model intentional community in the Sedona area; and Helping Solve Our Personal, Community and Global Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzles (See Our newest project is the proposed collaborative acquisition of a 134 acre property south of Sedona described at

Invitation to Help Us Manifest StewardHeirShip™ of a 134 acre property south of Sedona, AZ as a center for conscious sustainable living, a retreat center, community land trust and or intentional community.

The six main components of Sedona Collaborative Enterprises are listed in the table below:

While this web site constitutes the very first "rough draft" of the concept for the Sedona Collaborative Enterprises, it is based on decades of previous award-winning programs and products. In addition, the concept of a Sedona area collaborative has previously been introduced at and .

While many of the envisioned projects and programs will take months (or perhaps even years) to manifest, we plan to utilize the many existing facilities to begin providing programs and services that will help further introduce our vision and help generate funding for its implementation and operation.

The cofounders have decades of experience developing and facilitating educational programs and producing major development training and community empowerment events featuring world-class authors and trainers for up to 1,800 participants ( Examples of the available programs and products are featured at,, 

Our newest projects include Expanding the Circle of Success by Combining Community Economic Development with the Benefit Corporation model and Crowd Funding provisions of the JOBS Act.

Here are three examples of how we create a Strategic Marketing Matrix to help
ensure the ultimate success of our organizations, programs and products:

Click Here for PDF of
New Thought Campaign
Click Here for PDF of
Ultimate Destiny University
Click Here for PDF of CED Empowerment Resource Centers

This invitation to participate in the Sedona Collaborative grew out of an event we produced with best-selling author James Twyman at the Sedona Library.

That is where we connected with several others interested in the collaborative model and where we developed new strategic alliances.

We have already begun to identify potential programs we will start producing in Sedona and Verde Valley later this fall. A few examples of possible programs we are developing are provided at . In addition, we are conducting an inventory of the available venues.

Thank you for visiting this web site and for sharing your feedback and suggestions. Anyone who resonates with any or all of the components of this collaborative project is invited to participate at the highest possible level of co-creation. Please take a few minutes to tour the web pages and offer your feedback and suggestions.

Please join our MeetUp Group at

Please join our Facebook Group at

Please also Click Here to complete our Online Interest Survey. Thank you!

Charles Betterton, MSCED, with the Small Group Discussion Guides for the 14 interactive programs in the Ultimate Destiny Success System Library


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PS. There are now several PDF documents available from the initial introductory meeting held October 21 in Sedona. Click Here for much of this web site as a PDF. Click Here for presentation of the Collaborative using the Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle Template. Click Here for a detailed background on why the Collaborative was established.  Click Here for a Composite of the Initial Priority Interest Survey.

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