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Sedona Collaborative Enterprises

Facilitating Cooperation, Community, Capacity Building, Co-creation, Service,  Stewardship and Sustainability

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Major Initial Areas of Focus


Fostering Personal, Spiritual, Organizational,
and Community Empowerment and Enlightenment 



Harnessing the Power
of the New Benefit Corporation Model

and Crowd Funding through the JOBS Act


 Solving Our Personal, Community and Global Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzles


Visioning and Strategic Planning


Expanding the
Circle of Success


Demonstrating the Principles and
Practices of Community Economic Development

(Self-help, Empowerment and Capacity Building)


and Social


Universal StewardHeirShip
(Spirit, Service,
and Stewardship)





Information Marketing


 Ultimate Successful Living Skills for
 the 21st Century


 Fostering and Facilitating
CAN DO! Attitudes and Resource Centers



 Helping Introduce Resources such as New Thought Principles and Practices  



Fostering Cooperation, Collaboration and Community


Practicing Master
Mind Principles

What areas would
you recommend?

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