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Foreword by Stephen Cook

Something's Coming! Universal Cities of Light, Love, and Healing!

Genii Townsend has a wonderful gift for taking complex, Universally-deep, and what some may see as 'out there' concepts, truths and messages from the spiritual and higher realms, adding her own dose of 'Genii' magic, and making them not only immeasurably easy to understand but entertainingly so.

From the moment I picked up her first book, City of Light Sedona, I was there, in the breathtaking City of Light with her and I was having fun! I knew then that Genii was a very special lady, with an equally special mission: to open all our eyes to the amazing possibilities that the Universe and beyond is truly offering us, including the imminent arrival of the Cities of Light.

Soon after, I had her on my 2012 InLight Radio show The Light Agenda to share her unique 'insider' knowledge of the Cities of Light, which are soon due to appear all around the world:  what they will look like, what they will bring us and how they will change our lives. From the moment we started chatting, we instantly 'clicked'.

In October 2012, I had the joy of finally meeting Genii in person when she joined leading Lightworkers Mike Quinsey, Suzy Ward, Blossom Goodchild, Linda Dillon, Wes Annac and the InLight Radio team, including myself, in two back-to-back events as one of the 12 featured speakers for the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona - Preparing for Ascension staged in Genii's beloved Sedona, Arizona, USA. I watched on admiringly as she won the hearts of hundreds of attendees from all over the world, as she shared her knowledge of not only Sedona and the Cities of Light, but also the sacred four 'AH' tones, which she kindly taught us all and which I and many others no doubt, too have since 'performed' in some of the world's most beautiful and sacred places.

Genii and I also discovered a special connection during the conference and I had the pleasure of visiting her in her home, seeing and feeling how delightfully magical and fun she really is! In fact, the title of this book could almost describe Genii herself:  she is a being of true Light, love, and healing and she is definitely 'something' and universal!

In Something's Coming! Universal Cities of Light, Love, and Healing! Genii introduces us to her guides, her sources and her friends, who have given her a unique invitation to take us by the hand and lead us on a delightfully fun-filled journey beyond The City gates and upwards, into our very near future.

With her warm and gentle writing style, she offers us easy to digest news and information about the really big concepts that are already changing our world forever. These include:  the true history of our planet and our ancestors; our cosmic advancement and Ascension; the return of the Ascended Masters and the Christed energy; recognition of the presence of our Galactic brothers and sisters; the coming new technologies and free energy; the notion of time and timelessness; the concepts of age and agelessness; and, of course, the healing capabilities we all wish to enjoy in the Cities of Light.

If you've only ever heard of the famed Cities of Light or want to know what's in store for all of us in the not-too-distant future, let Genii be your guide and let Something's Coming! Universal Cities of Light, Love, and Healing be your guide book.

Stephen Cook

Presenter/Producer, The Light Agenda (InLIght Radio, 2012) and The Golden Compass (InLIght Radio, 2013) News Editor, Golden Age of Gaia (previously The 2012 Scenario) -

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