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Is There a Great Plan, a “Beneficent Conspiracy” for the
Upliftment of Humankind from “Clodhood to Godhood?

"What the world still needs is an institution of learning where men and women of real ability can be trained without becoming inhumanly perfect, and this involves the whole panoply of intellectual endeavor. The colleges of today don't even tease the students’ capacity for greatness. How wonderful it would be if a college were to become a magnificent spiritual and intellectual proving ground and thereby act as a prodding incentive calling upon the full depths of one inherent abilities.” -- The Ultimate Frontier 

That is the kind of University I envision for Heaven on Earth

According to The Ultimate Frontier, a book published by The Stelle Group in 1963, there are Seven Brotherhoods who share a mission of helping humankind evolve from “Clodhood to Godhood”.  They have reportedly been cooperating on this Great Plan for over 7,000 years and every Great Prophet and the founder of all the world’s major religions are part of the Plan. The founding of the United States of America was designed to be a stepping stone for a nation of God on Earth.

Whether there is any truth to the statements excerpted from The Ultimate Frontier about The Brotherhoods and The Great Plan or not, I am reminded of scenes near the beginning and the end of the movie Contact.

When Elle asks her father if there is life on other planets, he says something like “If there isn’t, it would be a terrible waste of space”.  To me, given the increasing social, global, economic and environmental challenges we face, if there isn’t something in place like a “Great Plan” designed by Higher Intelligence to help us evolve from “Clodhood to Godhood”, it would certainly seen beneficial for there to be one, Imagine That! 

According to information released in The Ultimate Frontier, the human vehicle was endowed with Mind about one million ten thousand years ago. The purpose of our existence was and is to evolve ourselves from clod to God, to become one with God through our individual efforts. 

Our Angels gave us at first a painless, provident environment, believing that it would enable us to advance more rapidly. Instead, we merely lolled in effortless pleasure. So Eden was destroyed and we found ourselves in adverse surroundings—now, simply to survive at all, we would have to grow. To further accelerate progress, the Archangel Melchizedek incarnated among men twice before His coming as the Christ. In Lemuria, as Emperor, He established the Lemurian religion which was based upon Universal Law. Most of the Masters from our planet reached Their level of attainment during the span of the Lemurian Empire.

After the destruction of Lemuria, Melchizedek incarnated again in Atlantis as Poseidonis, Emperor. There He established the oldest of the seven Lesser Brotherhoods and assigned to it the task of documenting and analyzing all of man’s various attempts to socially organize himself. These were early steps in the formation of the Great Plan.

The Brotherhoods learned that to advance, Egos need both the truths of the universe and an environment, a civilization, that is conducive to Egoic advancement. The Great Plan charts the step-by-step course for the creation of a supremely conducive environment to be known as the Nation of God. On page 35 of The Ultimate Frontier, Dr. White advises that “The only real purpose of a civilization should be to promote the development of advanced Egos. Peace, prosperity, freedom, and happiness are important because these conditions enhance spiritual advancement. But without the proper philosophy to guide men there is no progress.

“Truth is the seed of advancement; a sound serene civilization is the climate; and man’s mind is the fertile soil—together they give rise to human perfection.” From this zenith-civilization a larger percentage of Earth’s population will have elevated itself to Mastership by the end of our lifewave, thus minimizing the number of Egos needed to be returned to a state of karmaless non-awareness, to await the next lifewave.

     Some of the elements of the Great Plan that have already come to pass: 

· In 4700 BC the construction of the Great Pyramid in Egypt launched the Great Plan. This marvel of engineering and transcendent wisdom foretold, mathematically in stone, events which would shape the progress of mankind.

· In 1375 BC Pharaoh Akhnaton appeared in Egypt to curtail the influence of the priesthoods, establish a religion worshipping One God, promote the arts and sciences, and direct his people to a more humane way of life.


· Moses was born about 1350 BC. This High Adept helped save and unite the Hebrews, and He increased understanding of God’s Laws.


· Around 700 BC Isaiah revealed, in detail, the coming of Christ. After Isaiah’s disclosure, the Brotherhoods began Their preparations for Christ’s appearance in earnest.


· Between 630 BC and 550 BC five High Adepts incarnated to spread the truths that would elevate men and prepare them for the coming of Christ: Lao Tzu, Buddha, Mahivira, Zoroaster, and Confucius.


· In 4 BC Jesus, then an Eleventh Degree Brother, was born with the mission of providing a near-perfect physical vehicle to be used by Christ, the Anointed One, who set national karma in temporary abeyance, erected barriers between the physical and lower Astral Planes, and imparted truths which shall ever lead man to advancement.


· In1776 the thirteen original American Colonies declared their independence from England, guided by such students of the Brotherhoods as Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin. The United States would eventually become the final steppingstone into the Golden Age.


· November 27, 1939, is a date marked by the Great Pyramid as the “End of Chaos.


· On December 15, 1960, the master plan for bringing the Kingdom of God into physical reality was set into motion.


· In 1963, The Ultimate Frontier was published by The Stelle Group as the first introduction to The Brotherhoods and The Great Plan. 

· In 1971, the intentional community of Stelle, Illinois was established 90 miles south of Chicago and it offered programs including The Twelve Great Virtues. 

The two-fold statement of purpose for Stelle was to facilitate the establishment of the Nation of God by developing a community environment conducive to Egoic growth and to develop technology needed to survive possible global challenges including a possible pole shift. To participate in the work of the Brotherhoods is a great motivation to bend our efforts toward forging a climate conducive to Egoic growth, and to attain the technological capability needed to make the transition between now and the coming Golden Age.

Although science is not the source of civilization, it is important to a modern culture as Dr. White tells Richard on page 99 of The Ultimate Frontier: “Because mastery over one’s self and one’s environment is essential to one’s spiritual advancement, each of us must perceive and command all science concerning our physical environment.” Moreover, a society can utilize technology to provide leisure time for its citizens which may be used for study, contemplation, and the pursuit of activities which lead to soul growth, which is the purpose of existence.

However, scientific success is only half of what is required in order to fulfill our goal. As Dr. White explains to Richard on page 99 of The Ultimate Frontier, the study of the psychological and sociological aspects of life lead to an understanding of “politics which is the total expression of man’s relation to man. These things are, and always shall be, far more important to all men than the sciences. If men are not practical philosophers, moralists, and politicians, a society conducive to the pursuit of scientific knowledge cannot even arise.”

As we come to learn the lessons of self-government and brotherhood and develop technological expertise, we will be building the base from which we will do the job assigned us in the Great Plan which is to facilitate the establishment of the Nation of God. Our success will be measured by the number of Egos who will, at the progression of the lifewave seven thousand years hence, advance to the next plane of existence, the next step, in their journey from clod to God.

The lessons learned and past and present contributions made by the residents of Stelle may possibly be more relevant and significant today than ever before. The community is still a successful model of cooperative living, research and development of more conscious and sustainable approaches to Earth Stewardship and Stelle is home to the Center for Sustainable Community, the Midwest Permaculture Center, the Stelle Community Association, etc.  

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