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Civil Service Resume for Charles Betterton


Ultimate Destiny,   Sedona, AZ  President & CEO.  4/2006 - Present

 As founder, Chairman and CEO, I manage and direct all program, product and organizational development activities, including marketing, promotion and strategic alliances. Developed budgets, raised equity capital, attracted and coordinated authors and co-producers of educational and training programs. Co-founded the affiliated non-profit Ultimate Destiny University and co-authored the 14-part, 1,200-page Ultimate Destiny Success System.  Designed, implemented and managed the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award Program as
a major component of the Strategic Marketing Matrix™ for ensuring the ultimate success of Ultimate Destinyland ( and our programs and products ( )

Designed, developed and implemented Ultimate Fundraising Programs to attract participation by non-profit organizations in helping introduce and market our programs and products to their members, subscribers and supporters and we donate 50% -100% back to help support the NPOs . Designed, developed and implemented the Ultimate Earn While You Learn Program to attract marketing and sales affiliates ( ).Conceived, developed and implemented the Pay What It’s Worth To You program that is a major part of our marketing plan ( Developed and implemented new models for Strategic Marketing Matrix Systems™ ( ).

Provided technical assistance and consulting services in visioning and strategic planning, marketing, publishing, Internet marketing, capital generation, fundraising, strategic alliances, etc. adapting our Strategic Marketing Matrix for other companies and non-profits. Designed, delivered and facilitated seminars, workshops, playshops and training-of-trainers for successful living skills, realizing potential, fulfilling purpose and mission, strategic planning, visioning, leadership development, creative thinking and problem solving, etc.  Attended hundreds of hours of training and mentoring from dozens of the country’s best experts in publishing, electronic publishing, speaking, promotion, marketing, Internet marketing, Infopreneurship, social enterprise, business development and social networking. Developed and implemented strategies and campaigns for promotion, public relations and corporate branding including issuing periodic news releases through PRWeb.

Wisdom, Wealth, Wellness, Incorporated, Vista, CA, Chairman and CEO. 9/2002 - 4/2006

 As cofounder of the cause-oriented company focused on the 4 P's of Purpose, People, Planet and Profitability, I developed the business and marketing plans, incorporated the company, drafted the Private Placement Memorandum, raised equity capital, attracted the management team, obtained featured resource providers, obtained and managed contracts for products and services, and led the program and product development research teams.  I also developed and managed ongoing live and multi-media presentations for potential strategic alliance partners including elected officials, local, state and national non-profit agencies, chambers of commerce, trade associations, business leaders and service clubs.

Major accomplishments include developing a strategic marketing infrastructure with some of the world's top resource providers, conceiving the plans for and refining the implementation strategy for marketing Empowerment Resource Centers and Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems based on 40 years of mostly award-winning models for enhancing community partnerships, mobilization and multi-sector collaborative partnerships.  Represented the Company as a member of and frequently a presenter at state, national and international organizations such as: World Business Academy; Social Venture Network; Association for Spirit at Work; Spirit in Business; IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences); the Institute of HeartMath; Foundation for Inspired Learning; AGNT (Association for Global New Thought), etc.

CENTER SPACE, Center for Spiritual, Personal and Community Empowerment,
Stelle, IL Executive Director
  6/1990 - 4/2002

I founded CENTER SPACE as a non-profit organization that produced, published and distributed programs, products and services that facilitated self-help, empowerment and capacity building. I served as the President of the board and as Executive Director.  We produced major award-winning community economic development programs with a Community Development Corporation (CDC) in Kankakee, IL, the Public Housing Authority in Muncie, In and the United Way Labor Agency in Utica, NY.  For the Kankakee CDC, we helped develop and manage a microenterprise development training program and youth empowerment programs.  We also founded CAN DO! that produced major community empowerment training programs for up to 1,800 participants with world-class trainers such as Norman Vincent Peale, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen and Bonnie St. John.  We served as the lead agency for the acquisition, renovation and operation of what became an award-winning Community Economic Development Resource Center in an abandoned 22,000 square foot National Guard Armory building.

I  wrote a $250,000 Drug Elimination Grant in 1998 for the Muncie, Indiana PHA to establish a Success Center Partnership I designed to provide expanded access to development training resources including self-employment training for PHA residents. Through that grant, I served as a consultant to the PHA as a paid project manager for a year and served as a volunteer for about another year.  The Success Center Partnership was recognized and received awards from HUD and the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO). Later that year, the Executive Director of the Muncie PHA and I gave a presentation on how other PHA's could establish a similar community mobilization and resident empowerment program at the annual NAHRO Convention in Washington, DC. The packet we presented at the NAHRO Conference on How to Create a Success Center Partnership for A Public Housing Authority included letters of support from several of the world’s top trainers who are now ready to help HUD, Housing Authorities, Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Entities and Community Development Corporations. The packet is now being made available as a  resource in the Expanding the Circle of Success Program ( )

City of Kankakee,   Kankakee, IL.   1/1988 - 6/1990 Director of Community and Economic Development

I assumed this position at the request of the HUD Regional Office because the City had been misusing the HUD Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG). There were major challenges in terms of political, racial and geographic divisiveness that my disaster relief experiences were well suited for.  Over the two years I served, we made substantial improvements to the Agency's internal management and public confidence levels, we established a Citizen's Advisory Committee and a Loan Review Committee and we attracted far greater citizen participation in government. We produced major community development and community empowerment programs in conjunction with other communities, non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce and the major employers in the county.

In this position I managed HUD Community Development Block Grant programs and served as a Department Head for a CDBG entitlement entity, representing the City at the City and Area Chambers of Commerce and the City, County and Regional Economic Development Councils. I also gained additional hands-on experience with housing rehabilitation, affordable housing, and in representing the City in negotiations and interagency matters with the County Board, the County Public Housing Authority, regional economic development and planning councils, the Governor's Office and various State agencies. My successes in obtaining highly positive relationships with various media outlets including newspapers, radio and cable TV, led to my being asked to develop and deliver training on Effective Media Relations for participants in the Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Development Training program.

Foundation for Personal and Community Development, Stelle, Il,   6/1986 - 1/1988
Executive Director.

As co-founder I managed all of the program activities including attracting and coordinating the team of volunteers. We published educational products and produced training programs on personal growth, organizational development, community development and empowerment.  I developed and facilitated a series of programs throughout the surrounding community with experts on community development, economic development, microenterprise development, grant writing and fundraising, and developing "multi-sector collaborative partnerships." During that time, I represented our non-profit and served on a multi law enforcement agency Anti Gang Task Force. I also served as a cofounder of a County -wide Youth 2000 program. When the County American Cancer Society was threatened with the loss of its Charter for lack of performance, I was asked to serve as Chairman of the Board and we managed to turn the situation around in just a few months.

U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Chicago Area Office,   Chicago, IL
Supervisory Housing Management Specialist
, Grade Level: GS 13 Step 10, 3/1985 - 5/1986

I have about 8 years of experience with Public Housing and Section 8 programs including serving in management and leadership capacities with HUD, as management staff of the East St. Louis, IL PHA as a consultant to the Muncie, IN PHA and as a consultant and volunteer for the Kankakee, IL PHA Resident Organization.  I served as 1 of 2 Supervisory Housing Management Specialists in the Chicago Area Office managing a staff responsible for providing technical assistance, monitoring and evaluation for half of the PHA's. For several months while in that position, I served on a task force as Director of Maintenance Operations for the East St. Louis PHA. Later, after I resigned from HUD, I accepted a position as a community organizer for the Kankakee (IL) PHA Resident's Organization.

Later, in 1998, I wrote a $250,000 Drug Elimination Grant for the Muncie, Indiana PHA to establish a Success Center Partnership to provide expanded access to development training resources including self-employment training for PHA residents. Through that grant, I served as a consultant to the PHA as a paid project manager for a year and served as a volunteer for about another year.  The Success Center Partnership that featured Les Brown was recognized and received awards from HUD and the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO). Later that year, the Executive Director of the Muncie PHA and I gave a presentation on how other PHA's could establish a similar community mobilization and resident empowerment program at the annual NAHRO Convention in Washington, DC.  In 1998, I was accepted as one of 230 HUD Community Builders out of about 8,500 applicants. Because I would have had to renege on commitments I had made to several community organizations, I declined the position that would have been worth about $250,000 over 2 years.

The Stelle Group,   Stelle, Il  Branch Office Manager. 1/1981 - 3/1985

During the first year of my employment, I served as Department Head responsible for property management, publications, membership services and fundraising for a small non-profit membership organization.   For the last year, I served as Branch Office Manager when the corporate offices were relocated to Texas. In all the management positions I held, I was responsible for developing and adhering to annual budgets, for helping facilitate strategic planning and for supervising a staff of up to 12 employees. Accomplishments included: expanded international awareness of the organization through a major advertising and public relations campaign that I initiated and managed resulting in a 400% increase in inquiries and a 44% increase in publications sales. I developed several new educational programs and products, conducted major national and some international media appearances, made presentations at national conferences. I also cofounded and served for several years as a board member for the Stelle Community Association and I held a Real Estate Salesperson License.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Chicago Area Office,  Chicago, IL
Chief Property Officer
, GS 1170.   Grade Level: GS 14 Step 7. 4/1978 - 12/1980

The successes in the Detroit Area Office resulted in my being promoted to serve as Chief Property Officer (CPO) in the Chicago Area Office.  AS CPO, I was responsible for planning, coordinating and directing all management and sales activities for over 10,000 HUD owned properties. I supervised a staff of 53 mostly professional and some clerical employees and over 100 real estate firms and contractors through 5 subordinate Section Chiefs.  I received several merit pay awards including an Award for Excellence for exceeding Branch goals, accomplishing the successful reorganization of systems and procedures and for designing and implementing new personnel training and upward mobility programs. I also initiated and directed an award-winning public relations program. I received an Outstanding Performance Award for excellence in goals achievement for 1980 including:  Exceeding the multifamily project sales goal by closing 24 projects with 1,580 units; Exceeding the Minority Contracting Goal for Single Family by 680%, Initiating a successful occupied property sales program; and achieving 1,163 single family sales closings despite a 5 month sales moratorium.

U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Detroit Area Office,   Detroit, MI
Special Assistant to the Director , GS 340. 3/1975 - 4/1978.   Grade Level: GS 13 Step 10

 As a result of award-winning performance as Director of the record-setting Xenia Disaster Field Office, I was appointed to serve on a task force established by the HUD Secretary in 1975 to address national scandals at that time with the Detroit Area Office. I was to be assigned as one of the Branch Chiefs but when I reported, the Area Director and Division Director were both out of the office. The Acting Director told me to "find something to do to stay busy" for a few days until they returned. During the first week, my suggestion that the office publish periodic supplements of HUD properties for sale instead of paying for several full page ads in both Detroit newspapers produced immediate savings of $50,000 a month.  As a result of that and other similar initiatives that produced cost savings, greater effectiveness, efficiency and enhanced levels of communication and coordination, I was made Special Assistant to the Director of the Housing Division instead of being appointed to direct one of the Branches. I assisted in planning, directing, monitoring and evaluating all management activities for the Housing Division. I was responsible for cross-Branch projects, including analysis of systems and procedures to identify and implement more effective and efficient measures.

My primary accomplishments included: developing procedures for expediting the sale of properties; helping substantially improve levels of performance by employees and the Branch Chiefs, serving as the HUD Government Technical Representative for a computer management services contract; and I initiated and directed a major advertising and public relations campaign. I received the highest cash award ever paid a HUD employee (at that time anyway) for a computer systems modification I suggested that saved an estimated 300 million dollars although the OPM based the award on only the first year's savings of 15 million.(See the Computer World Magazine article Scandal-Ravaged Federal Office Finds System Enhancing Image, letters from President Jimmy Carter and HUD Secretary Moon Landrieu, and the HUD News Release about receiving the highest cash award paid a HUD Employee at

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Disaster Field Offices and Central Office.
  Greenville, St. Louis, Xenia, Richmond, D.C. , MS, MO, OH, VA, DC.  3/1971 - 3/1975
Director, HUD Disaster Field Offices, GS 301. Grade Level: GS 13 Step 6.  

During the 6 years I served with the HUD Disaster Program, I hired and supervised staffs of up to 250 professional and clerical employees. Established policies and procedures, developed and implemented periodic reorganization plans leading to more efficient and cost effective completion of the Department's emergency operations. Accomplishments included numerous citations and performance awards resulting in a 200% increase in salary in less than 4 years.

My tested and proven management and leadership capabilities in several challenging natural disaster relief assignments help demonstrate my qualifications for the Field Office Director position. In Xenia, my team and I set national records, and then served as the main training center for other disaster relief specialists from Region V. That led to my appointment to a HUD task force assigned by the Secretary to help resolve the "man-made" national disaster in the scandal-rocked Detroit Area Office in 1975.

Community Development Center,   Greenville, MS,   11/1969 - 3/1971.  Executive Director

As a result of the community mobilization and community organizing work I was conducting, I received an unsolicited grant from the Quaker American Friends Service Committee to support desegregation of the public schools in the Mississippi Delta.  We used the minimal funding to establish a community development center in a vacant downtown building where we provided educational classes and arts and crafts in the only setting in town at that time where black and white students could be together and discover what they had in common. My experiences as the project's community organizer and participation in the volunteer outreach work we performed in surrounding counties led to my being hired as a temporary disaster relief employee when tornadoes struck about 16 counties.


Southern New Hampshire University,   Manchester, NH,   Master's Degree,  Community Economic Development, 6/1992
Washington University,   St. Louis, MO. Major: Management Study Program
Relevant Coursework, Licensures and Certifications:  Management, Leadership, Team Building, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Effective Communications Skills, etc.


Certified Economic Development Finance Specialist by National Development Council in 1989.
Graduate and Trainer of Success Coaches for Success University and Management and Leadership Development, Success Motivation Institute, 1985-1995.
Grant Writing and Grant Management Training. 1980, 1985
National HUD Training Center, Supervisory Communication Skills Training
Dale Carnegie Course, 1997.
CEO Space, Training in Entrepreneurship, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Mark Victor Hansen's Mega Book Marketing University, Mega Speaker Training, and Mega Marketing Training 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.
Various training programs on Internet marketing including Armand Morin's Big Seminar (2004, 2005, 2006  2007); World Internet Summit 2004; Stu McLaren's Idea Incubator, and dozens of other 3 to 5 day programs with The Internet Marketing Center, Matt Bacak, Stephen Pierce, etc.


 World Business Academy.  Member
 National Congress for Community Economic Development.   State Assn Director.
 Institute of Noetic Sciences.   Member/Donor
 Institute of Heart Math.   Member/Donor
 Social Venture Network.   Member/Donor


A Lifetime in Pursuit of Community, Article in Enlightenment Magazine
The Art and Science of Community, Presentation at Art of Community Partnerships Conference
Community Economic Development and Intentional Communities, Article, Communities Journal of Cooperation

Introduction to Personal Success Techniques Course
Motivision: 21 Steps in Manifesting Your Vision
Discover and Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny
12 Steps in Co-creative Visioning and Strategic Planning

Solving Our Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles
The Ultimate Destiny Success System
Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny
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Fulfilling Your Life Purpose and Mission
Achieving Ultimate Success in Business and Career
Enjoying Ultimate Health and Fitness                                                                                               
Harnessing Your Creative Mind Power
Raising Your Consciousness Level
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Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment
Enjoying Peace and Balance
Making a Difference and Leaving a Legacy
Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability


 Dr. Michael Swack,   University of New Hampshire, Professor, Founding Dean, CED Program at Southern New Hampshire Univ.  Phone Number: 603 862-3201.  Email Address:   Reference Type: Professional

Susie W. Brown,   United Way of America and Several Local UWs.  President, Development Director.  Phone Number: 908-337-1407.  Email Address:   Reference Type: Personal and Professional


Over the past three decades, I have designed and delivered co-creative visioning and strategic planning and facilitated board retreats for companies, non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce, communities, churches, and counties and have been paid as much as $25,000.

I have produced large-scale development training programs for up to 1,800 participants (in a county of only 100,000) with world-class authors and trainers such as Norman Vincent Peale, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Bonnie St. John, Chin Ning Chu, etc.

I was one of the top Regional Managers for Success Motivation International (SMI), Paul J. Meyer's flagship company for several years. In that capacity, I trained and certified trainers of success coaches and I facilitated and delivered training on sales, leadership, time management, creative thinking and problem solving, effective communication skills, effective management skills, etc.  Over the past 30 years, I have purchased several franchises and or distributorships with SMI and other leading training companies including Nightingale-Conant, Brian Tracy International, Les Brown Enterprises, Success Unlimited, The Peoples Network, etc.

I have excellent written and verbal and computer skills and am proficient with Word, Front Page, Power Point, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Excel, etc. and have been studying electronic publishing and Internet marketing for several years with some of the top trainers in the world.

I have received numerous awards ranging from the highest award given to graduates of the Dale Carnegie Course to receiving the highest cash award ever paid to a HUD employee for a computer systems modification I suggested that saved an estimated 300 million dollars.

"Mr. Betterton's project for the 1990-1992 Community Economic Development Masters program at Southern New Hampshire University was to promulgate CED principles and practices. The fact that he turned down a HUD Community Builder Fellowship worth $250,000 in 1998 (when he was earning less than $25,000 a year) to continue the non-profit community empowerment work he and his team had underway at the time demonstrates his commitment to what he and his classmates defined as the foundation of CED: self-help, empowerment and capacity building." ---

Dr. Michael Swack, Professor, the Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire and
founding Dean, School of Community Economic Development, Southern New Hampshire University