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Establishing a National Network of
Community Economic Development (CED) Benefit Corporations and Resource Centers

Expanding the Circle of Success for Addressing Social, Economic and Environmental Challenges by Combining the Principles and Practices of Community Economic Development (CED) with the Benefit Corporation
Model and Crowd Funding Provisions of the JOBS Act to Help Foster Innovation, Collaboration, Job Creation and Sustainable Communities

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Proposed Initial Network of CED Benefit Corporations and B Corps

The project is Expanding the Circle of Success by establishing a network and a "strategic marketecture" of Community Economic Development Benefit Corporations incorporated in each state where legislation has been passed (and in a couple where legislation is pending).

The intention is to attract individuals, not-for-profit organizations and businesses in each state to participate as cofounders, resource providers, and as beneficiaries of the training, technical assistance and access to capital the State CED B Corps will deliver and to get positioned to utilize the crowd funding provisions of the JOBS Act.

We are presently filing Articles of Incorporation in the States that have passed legislation. We will also incorporate CED Benefit Corporations in states where legislation is pending and we will promote Certification of B Corps in other states.

B Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Learn about B Corps at Learn about Benefit Corporations at

Click Here for our invitation to the cofounders of B Lab seeking possible collaboration and permission to reprint some of their content on our web sites, webinars and publications.

National CED Resource Center, Inc.

Hawaii CED Benefit Corporation

Vermont CED Benefit Corporation

Virginia CED Benefit Corporation

Maryland CED Benefit Corporation

New York CED Benefit Corporation

California CED Benefit Corporation

New Jersey CED Benefit Corporation

South Carolina CED Benefit Corporation

Louisiana CED Benefit Corporation

 Illinois CED Benefit Corporation