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Establishing a National Network of
Community Economic Development (CED) Benefit Corporations and Resource Centers

Expanding the Circle of Success for Addressing Social, Economic and Environmental Challenges by Combining the Principles and Practices of Community Economic Development (CED) with the Benefit Corporation
Model and Crowd Funding Provisions of the JOBS Act to Help Foster Innovation, Collaboration, Job Creation and Sustainable Communities

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Resources Available Through Community Resource Centers

“By applying the entrepreneurial CAN DO! attitude and the community economic development principles of self-help, empowerment and capacity-building, together we can all help create a shared vision of a better world. We can co-create loving, nurturing communities where individuals and organizations realize more of their inherent potential by applying the universal laws of successful living. We can envision and actualize our highest possible individual and collective potential by living, growing and serving together in harmony with love, hope, trust, and respect for everyone regardless of race, creed, age, gender, or religious preferences. Together, Yes We CAN DO!" -- Charles Betterton, cofounder of CAN DO! Resource Center and Ultimate Destinyland

Quotes from Newspaper Articles about Training Programs Produced
by CAN DO! and the Community Development Resource Center

 “When we brought Les Brown here last fall, no one knew what to expect,” said CAN DO! President Gary Moore. “The organization was prepared to take a loss of $10,000 just to start bringing a positive message to our community.” Instead they made a profit. And they made a plan: to bring every major motivational speaker to the area until Kankakee becomes known as a Mecca of Motivation. “Our mission is to make a positive difference . . .  to help people resolve their problems and look at the positive side of life “ said Moore.

Walter Charlton, retired entrepreneur and active philanthropist who cofounded CAN DO! “We hope that by bringing top motivational speakers here, we will create a more positive attitude to help residents realize this is a good place to live.”

“Through the vision and expertise of Charles Betterton, president of CENTER SPACE, we created CAN DO! as an example to help other communities learn how to produce these types of events while retaining the income they generate for community benefit,” Charlton said. CENTER SPACE’s mission is to foster spiritual, personal and community empowerment, partly by providing expanded access to state-of-the-art development training programs that are usually marketed to a small percentage of the population.

The members of the CAN DO! Steering Committee which produced the recent events with Les Brown and Dr. John Bowling, have declared their first event a success and they have decided to continue with their efforts. The CAN DO! Mission statement includes five major points:

1. Foster community unity and multicultural understanding.
2. Promote positive thinking within and about Kankakee County.
3. Foster personal, organizational and community development and empowerment.
4. Provide expanded access to development training programs.
5. Generate funds for worthwhile community service projects.

According to Walter J. Charlton, President of the Kankakee County Community Development Corporation that Charles Betterton had founded before he served as Director of Community and Economic Development for the City of Kankakee, said the first CAN DO! Events exceeded their expectations. “Our initial goals were to have 5 sponsors, five co-sponsors, 200 workshop participants and 1,000 seminar participants.

We actually had 10 sponsors, 10 co-sponsors, 350 people for the workshops and about 1,400 for the seminar. Even though we provided full or partial scholarships to over 200 students, we still generated approximately $12,000 in net profits for the events. These funds will be used to support the KCDC and provide seed money for future training programs.”

More details are available at, and

Cocreative Visioning and Strategic Planning

Through CAN DO!'s affiliation with Ultimate Destiny University, we will be providing access to about $25,000 worth of resources for enabling any organization or community to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive program for co-creative visioning and strategic planning. The complete resource packet includes all the forms and exercises to help the participants discover their shard vision, identify the obstacles that have to be overcome and develop action and implementation plans to accomplish the long-range and short range goals they set during the process.

The Co-Creative Visioning and Strategic Planning system was developed by CAN DO! co-founder Charles Betterton. He has facilitated the use of the system for communities, non-profit organizations, businesses, churches and chambers of commerce. An example of the draft package which will be part of the You CAN DO! Too Resource Manual is available for review.


The Great Community will achieve a living unity. It will not be just an aggregation of individuals, families, congregations, firms, cliques, and interests. Holding that 'that which unites us is greater than that which separates us,' it will develop unity of outlook, purpose, and program without thwarting individual or group autonomy. Its various organizations will not tear the community apart to advance themselves, but will be agencies of an enlarging and unifying community life." 
-- Arthur Morgan. Author of The Small Community and The Great Community in the 1940's.Arthur Morgan also founded Community Service, Inc. and he served as President of Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Click Here for an expanded article on The Great Community.

More Resources from Community Service

Community Service is dedicated to the development, growth and enhancement of small local communities. We envision a country where the population is distributed in small communities that are sustainable, diverse and culturally sophisticated.  Community Service was founded in 1940 as an educational institution focused on the ideas and practices of small community and the appraisal, development and circulation of these ideas and practices. 

The “technology” of Small Local Communities is centuries old. Arthur Morgan spent many decades in the process of systematizing and refining the theory of small communities. In his role of engineer, educator, and government official he put this theory into practice in different environments. The Community Course introduces concepts, rules and tips in the formation or enhancement of a Small Local Community. The course is available for high school and college instructors for use in teaching the concepts of small community. The course allows instructors to address not only the economics, education and other aspects of community, but also the psychological and relationship aspects of the small community. Click Here for details on the free course.

Fostering Collaboration, Cooperation, Community and Strategic Alliances

"Collaborate - Be the light that others can come to with their ideas, visions, and dreams. Never doubt that blending your talents with those of others can change the world." -- Unknown

This page will provide details of how Community Resource Centers accomplish their primary focus of fostering and demonstrating collaboration, cooperation, community building and partnership and strategic alliance.


Click Here for information on
Sedona Collaborative Enterprises
Facilitating Cooperation, Community, Capacity Building,
Co-creation, Service,  Stewardship and Sustainability



Benefits of Participating in the Resource Center

Top 10 Reasons to Participate in the Community Resource Center!

(1) Anyone interested in personal growth and professional development will enjoy access to development training resources for realizing more of your potential, fulfilling your life purpose and accelerating your growth and ultimate success including Servant Leadership.

(2) Authors, coaches, seminar and workshop facilitators will learn how you can benefit as a resource provider through the Resource Center’s marketing and distribution channels.

(3) Business owners will be provided access to human resource development training programs, products and services that will help your personnel grow and develop and help your company enjoy increased productivity and profitability.

(4) Non-profit organizations and institutions will learn ways to enjoy greater efficiency, effectiveness and success and discover how you can help your staff, members, students and clients grow and develop while receiving additional income for your agency or club.

(5) Community leaders interested in helping your residents, businesses, and non-profits be as successful as possible will learn how to apply Community Economic Development Principles and Practices for Self-Help, Empowerment and Capacity Building including Empowerment Resource Centers and Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems that foster civic engagement, leadership, volunteerism, community and economic development.

(6) Churches, spiritual organizations and anyone on the path to spiritual enlightenment will have access to resources for personal, organizational and community enlightenment.

(7) Anyone interested in infopreneurship (including self-publishing and electronic publishing) will learn the fastest and best ways to harness the power of self-publishing with Mark Victor Hansen, Rick Frishman’s Author 101 University, Ariel Ford's Everything You Need To Know, Ultimate Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century, etc.

(8) Anyone interested in harnessing the power of the Internet will discover how to access some of the ultimate resources available for Internet marketing.

(9) Everyone who participates in the Resource Center will receive valuable free resources including E-books, discounts on future seminars and workshops, discounts and rebates on training programs on successful living, publishing, Internet marketing, coach training and certification, and some of the best-selling books, CDs, DVD’s and live events on every facet of successful living in the 21st Century.

(10) Everyone who participates will also enjoy fun, insightful and inspiring self-discovery exercises from the Ultimate Destiny Success System that will help you discover which of the 12 facets of manifesting your ultimate destiny are most important to you and how well you are doing realizing your potential in that area: Realizing Your Ultimate Potential; Fulfilling Your Life Purpose and Mission; Enjoying Positive Loving Relationships; Attaining Financial Freedom and Prosperity; Enjoying Ultimate Health and Fitness; Achieving Ultimate Success in Your Business or Career; Raising Your Consciousness Level; Enjoying Peace and Balance; Harnessing Creative Mind Power; Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment; Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability; Making A Difference and Leaving A Legacy.

Plus discounts of 20% to 50% on books, CD’s, DVD’s from some of the top resource providers including Nightingale-Conant, Hay House, and Ultimate Destiny University and discount tickets to future planned events including seminars and workshops with world-class authors and trainers such as Scott and Shannon Peck of The Love Center,  Dr. Emmett Miller, founder of the Leadership Institute for Global Healing and Transformation on Awakening the Leader Within and Healing Our Planet; John Randolph Price, author of The Planetary Commission and co-founder of the Quartus Foundation, Les Brown, “The Motivator”, etc.

According to 40 years of experience in over 40 countries, Paul J. Meyer's company Success Motivation International discovered that Successful People and Organizations have five qualities in common:

They radiate a positive mental attitude.

They are goal directed.

They are self-motivated.

They effectively manage their time.

They are masters at managing their money.

This page will provide details of the featured resources from the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living, Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients and other leading resource providers such as SMI and Nightingale-Conant that will be made available through the Resource Centers to help meet the needs of participating individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses, government agencies, etc. Many of these programs, products and services will be provided for free or on a donation basis to members and participants of the Community Resource Centers.

For more of an introduction to the types of resources that will be made available, please visit,, and