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You CAN DO! Too Resource Manual

As we begin to award the free $10,000 ETMS™, (Empowerment Training Mentoring System) to local sponsors, we will provide a comprehensive set of resources for ensuring the greatest possible success of local CAN DO! programs. For example, we are developing a resource kit that will include the following types of resources based on 30 years of research and development of the Community Resource Center model and 15 years of producing successful events for up to 1,800 people in a single day in a county of only 100,000.

CAN DO!, YOUth CAN DO!, and You CAN DO! Too, and the Empowerment Resource Center Showcases are featured components in the $10,000. Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems from Ultimate Destiny and also the $25,000 Empowerment Resource Centers and the larger quarter of a million dollar Community Empowerment Resource Centers which are delivered over 24 months.

Also included in YOU CAN DO! TOO are all the materials, planning documents, budget formats and spreadsheets sponsorship programs, membership solicitation materials, marketing and promotional programs, community outreach and fund raising components, etc. covering the entire process of producing major large-scale programs from pre concept to the production of successful events.

The resource materials then help the local community generate maximum leveraging of those events and related ongoing program components such as periodic Resource Showcases and ongoing seminars and workshops marketed primarily through the larger higher profile events with world-class authors, speakers and trainers. All of these speakers and trainers are available through the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Speakers Bureau whose principals have been managing speakers’ bureau services and producing large scale development training events for over 15 years.

Contents of the You CAN DO! Too Resource Kit!

Resources for community mobilization
Public Relations workbook
10 Step Co-creative Visioning and Strategic Planning Manual and technical assistance
Three Round Method of Brainstorming
Wheel of Life Exercises for individuals, organizations and communities
Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle planning template and software
Ultimate Destiny Success System e-books and books for marketing and promotion
Event Promotion Resources (letters, banners, flyers, newsletters, tickets, registration & evaluation forms, etc.)
Event Management Workplan
Tested and proven template for holding multiple events on varied topics in the same day
Secrets of how to attract and manage volunteers
How to choose a location (and sometimes even get them to pay you to hold you event there!)
Interest Surveys
Outline for Youth Essay Contests
Self-Assessment and self-discovery assessment instruments
Motivision: 21 Steps to Manifesting Your Vision
Need To Excel Workshops and forms
Detailed budgets and spreadsheets
Comprehensive Sponsorship Campaign Materials
Speakers’ Bureau Services
Master Fundraising Plans
Technical assistance with grant writing and fundraising and corporate sponsorships
Access to books, audio and video programs and products for “back of the room” sales.
Program and product development consulting services
Introduction on How to Incorporate Community Economic Development Principles of Self-Help, Empowerment and Capacity Building
How and why to establish a multi-sector collaboration to produce events
Discernment Grids
Affiliate program resources
Resource Showcases
Resources for membership program development and retention
Resources for ongoing coaching and mentoring
Resources for continuing live seminars and workshops
Resources for online teleseminars and webinars
Examples of successful case studies as marketing and credibility building tools
Music and visual resources for setting the tone for your events
Access to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free bonuses