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Introduction to Energy Healing and Roger Deycaza

Blessings Dear Friends,

I’ve been dwelling on whether I need to go to Sedona or Somewhere else or just stay put. Last night I asked God to give me a clear sign about ‘what now?’. This morning, having forgotten about the request, I was sitting in the porch looking at the lake and it came to me all of a sudden. There are many things emerging now and we needed to come together and flow together...I needed to come to Sedona and join/help the team and share my healing light with others and allow people to experience the high frequency and get a taste of the energies of the City of Light. This will speed up the process of manifestation of the City of Light as well.

I’ve had people contacting me ever since the book came out saying things like “we called you because you are in book and we didn’t want to wait...” So I worked on them from a distance... I’m looking forward to traveling to Sedona and initially staying at Juliet’s, as per her request, and getting started......: )

With Love & Light,






Take one devoted man that is blessed with the power of energy transmissions that is like pouring love thru our systems and you have Roger Deycaza. I have been one of the lucky ones to receive this energy flow when I needed some help. Having taken him through The 4 Keys to Light he was 'Light Linked', which gave him more power within his Light Healings transmissions.

Roger was the special one who went into the City of Light Embassy of Peace headquarters with me and we learned about Emorgy (space energy)from an Universal Being. We are providing two of my City Visits about and with Roger below.

Roger has helped many people near and far and we in the City Light Center headquarters feel blessed to have him aboard as a professional who knows that the body, mind, and spirit, needs to be in perfect working order and how to do that with light, as he serves all.  Whoever may need the God feelings, he serves them quite nicely. I know as I said I was I one of the happy receivers.

Welcome aboard Roger, see you in the light!










          Genii Townsend


Ignorance of the Truth Embassy Visit May 1, 2010

(Pages 153-154 in SOMETHING'S COMING!)

The sun was setting as I approached a Gate entrance and I was met by La-Luke my City Guide. Grabbing my hand, he led me through the Park of Relaxation and onto the wheel-less trolley.

G: "Are we going to the Embassy?"

L: "Yes this is the destination. You are expected."

The trolley skimmed over the ground, stopping at the front of this magnificent building filled with honorees from all over the Universe. This is some kind of adventure I was thinking, as we entered the foyer that smelled of flowers and brought on a smile of delight. We passed through the entranceway into this vast amphitheater. Before us stood the 5 head entities that are usually there, with Master OOO-LON speaking from a standing position. Behind them faintly seen are hundreds from space communities. I could almost hear them breathe. Now what, I wondered?

OOO-LON smiled as I was seated. To be in his presence is almost impossible to describe as he resonates so much love and wisdom, that I know that whatever I hear will be totally correct.

O: "The welcome mat is out for this Lady of Light for her to bear witness to what is being repeated here. So then listen, absorb, and know. The man President will welcome your talents as a father would to his children. Watch for the leading signs and center the mind on the Light (White) house visit.

"The way is being prepared as we center our frequencies into the passageway that comes soon open. The entities here have much power and will use it to open the doors for THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME!

"Remember that you are the forerunner of this information project and must have entrance to the Main Man in charge who has been as said, preprogrammed."

G: "The media has been saying not to make contact with E.T's. Thus spreading again the fears connected from a highly respected physicist, which to me, is plain stupidity since I know what I know. What of this?"

O: "Such nonsense serves only to balance what the Lightworkers know is truth and factual. The minds of the fear-laden will only heighten those who fear most anything. Those who search the heavens for signs of life welcome us with open arms.

"Some in the far-off tribes of your lands have no mental conception anyway. Those who worship the God deity know that He is in charge. (We say 'He', only as a point of reference to some).

"The City appearance will set in place that those who are aware of the Light or Second Coming so to speak, will honor the entrance on bended knees along with many followers of the Buddha, etc. The list goes on and on. Be not concerned.

"Those of us who have held court here, banish all such nonsense as it is just that ... nonsense. You have now been here many times and find us trustworthy. We come not to destroy. The Earth people of darkened minds do that very well. We do help to banish the ignorant darkness that propels the mental senders.

"Now then, as the steps are brought forth into your dimension, follow them carefully, for the planet at the time of the VISIT WITH THE PRESIDENT OBAMA will be in your hands, so to speak, O string-puller of your world."

G: "I have a friend, Roger Deycaza, who uses energy as a healer in our world. In taking him into the linking Light, it was felt that he will be given scientific energy healing data that is not known here, but to help people here. What is to be known of this? Is this so?"

O: "Yes this is available. Even now the Roger of Light-assistance has the dynamics to heal and any advanced additions will only be of a much larger help. Take this beginning step and we shall replenish the words unsaid. In your vision bring him here and we shall endeavor to assist his beginning knowing. You are now excused!"

Wow and with that I found myself back home feeling I had been away for a very long time.

So Light it be! 

Of YA-FU-FUS and Emorgy Embassy Visit May 12, 2010

(Pages 155-156 in SOMETHING'S COMING!)

I was excited to see what could take place with Roger, as he entered The City for the first time after being invited to the Embassy, where I have rarely taken anyone before. My in-vision showed that we and many others were also entering. One look at smiling Roger told me he had found the reason for his transmission healing work. Yes, this was it; the reason for it all.

Suddenly La-Luke appeared and tapped Roger on the shoulder, startling him a bit. They introduced themselves as we entered through the encoded entrance. Roger was grinning trying to take this all in. '"This is magnificent" he muttered. Then it was into the Park of Relaxation that he got his first taste of what a massage bench was for, as he relaxed on one. La-Luke motioned that the wheel-less trolley to the Embassy was waiting. The trolley waited patiently as we three climbed aboard, tipping it a bit on its nothing underpinnings, and then zoom … we literally flew over the ground. Roger tried to take in all the buildings we passed and before long, we were in front of the beautiful Embassy building entrance while Roger tried not to miss anything.

The melt-through doors brought us into the lush gardens and the beauty to be enjoyed. That was followed quickly by being led into the main chamber that held hundreds of beings (most not seen but surely felt) headed up by 5 Entities at the main table in front of us. The center speaker was OOO-LON, whom I have met here many times ... a male Light, filled with such love and wisdom that it can take one's breath away. How blessed we were to be in his presence.

My usual throne-type chair now had one more added for Roger. He took a deep breath, trying to believe all that he was seeing, and wondering what or who he was not privy to see in the rear audience. But there was no doubt that there were plenty of beings here, believe you me. We were escorted to our chairs where we were seated and acknowledged.

O: "We see you have fulfilled your mission with the dark haired human. Sir, you work with the humanoids. You can be readied to help them even more as you now have direct contact with the ''ENERGISTS'' of space content. High esteem beyond your Earth channel ways. Your work so far has the imprint of what has healing effects; is this true?"

Roger worked hard in this scene to get the word 'yes' out. It was clear to see he was overwhelmed with what was taking place, as well he should have been. I know. Talking about a 'City' to appear out of nowhere is one thing, but actually being in it is another, and then having a space person ask him a question was almost too much on a first visit.

OOO-LON continued, "So you would be willing to have an expert scientific cosmic teacher show you how to use what you have and add even more?"

Roger nodded his head, said 'yes' and that he would be honored.

O: "Good then, meet your space teacher of 'EMORGY'. It is advanced energy."

Appearing from his left side, an entity stepped forward. The appearance was of an aged man with many wrinkles, but with eyes that shone like spotlights in the dark, and his face shone, as well as his silver-blue 2-piece suit and boots to match. This was quite an entity I thought, but I was getting used to everything being different. This one was indeed pure Light! He spoke in our language. "My tone name is YA-FU-FUS, but you may call me 'YA'. I speak in your tongue. You speak space?" Roger shook his head no. YA continued, "YA will suffice. I will speak in 'EMORGY' tone for understanding. As the 'EMORGY' comes to you, the understanding will too." At this point I thought I might have to pick Roger off the floor, but it proved that was not necessary. I asked him if he was all right and he answered, "Yes, just amazed."

Y: "Then new student, this is how we shall begin. When you go in to your quiet space of meditation I shall send you messages through this new energy system, so it is important that you be open to receive and record what is transferred to you. Keep a record somehow of what is said. You understand YA?"

R: "How often will these transmissions come?"

Y: "You will know when they arrive. Take time out to receive. Picture the vision taking place right now as I am speaking with you and the transmission information shall begin for note taking. Don't get frustrated or worried as this may take a few YA visits to set your mental course, you understand?"

R: "Yes, I look forward to being able to learn more. Thank you. Thank you."

YA: "Any more questions?"

R: "No, I have to digest all this I guess. It is a bit overwhelming and on such a grand scale. Amazing!"

And with this YA bowed, turned and left the scene with a murmur coming from the unseen audience.

O: "As for the Genii … stay open. Your changes come in quickly. Be the Light you are and we shall rest in the wisdom of your knowing."

La-Luke motioned us it was time to leave and we did, after acknowledging the leaders, and we headed for the door, the trolley, the Park and the Gate. With a hug from Roger and La-Luke, I found myself back sitting in a car somewhere in Cottonwood, AZ, waiting for Charles to come back from his visit with new friends.

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The Sedona Light Center is a non-profit membership organization based in Sedona, Arizona. The Light Center was incorporated on April 7, 2008 to help individuals become more empowered and enlightened and realize accelerated personal and spiritual development. The Light Center publishes, produces and distributes educational programs, products and services that foster Love, Imagination, Growth, Healing and Awakening to True Spiritual Identity.

The foundation of the Teachings of The Light Center includes "New Thought" Science of Mind principles and practices. Cofounder Genii Townsend and her late husband, Rev. William Townsend, were entrusted with a vision and plot plans for a "City of Light" prophesized to manifest over Sedona, Arizona. The vision is similar to many other revelations and prophecies including Ken Carey's description of Mobile Cities of Light in The Starseed Transmissions.

The new Something's Coming manuscript has over 444 pages includes most of the background history first published in The City of Light Sedona

For more than 30 years, Genii's had been instructed to keep a low profile and protect the secret documents regarding the coming forth of the City of Light. Genii's Guides have recently advised her that now is the time for her to share the information in her stewardship with any others who may be interested. It was that guidance that led to the incorporation of The Light Center and this invitation for you to discover how you might participate.

For several decades, Genii has created and facilitated classes on The 4 Keys to Light, 13 Goddesses of Inner Light, and "playshops" on topics such as Women's Empowerment, Inner Child Healing, etc. Genii has founded or co-founded several non-profit groups designed to help participants awaken and become more empowered including GLOW, (Gathering Light Of Wisdom), The Wonderful World of Wishes and Ultimate Destiny University.

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