Opportunities for Co-Creative Participation

One of the best ways to participate in through our affiliated non-profit Ultimate Destiny University.

If you would like to explore ways that you could participate in a co-creative manner in any of the programs, companies or non profit organizations we have co-founded, please use this form to let us know so we may follow up in the most appropriate way. Thank you!

Please select any of the following areas of interest that apply to you:

Potential for positive global impact 
Potential for Return On Investment                   
Opportunity to help build and leave a legacy 	           
Expanding the Circle of Success to help people realize more of their potential                   
Personal, Social and Global Transformation              
Spiritual, Personal and Community Enlightenment        
Helping co-create a global infrastructure for empowerment and enlightenment		   
Fostering Spirit in Business      			                     
Accelerated Learning Technology Centers                  
Tapping the power of edutainment that combines education and entertainment              
Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development           
Providing access to Heart Math's resources for students, educators and parents        

Which of the following specific companies or projects are you interested in learning more about?

Ultimate Destiny University      		                          
Imagination Center and Imagine That! Theaters                                   
EDUTEC Accelerated Learning Technology Centers                                      
Empowerment Resource Centers    
Ultimate Destiny 
New Thought Spirit in Business Network 		     
Center for Spiritual, Personal and Community Enlightenment                    

 Select any of the following levels of participation that apply to you:

Become a Co-founder                        
Serve on advisory board                    
Be a resource provider                     
Become a charter member                   
Make tax deductible donation               
Explore a license or franchise arrangement  
Learn more about investment opportunities                             
Be on your email list for updates                  

 Please provide more details about any of the participation options you checked above so we may discern how best to follow up.

 What else would you like to share?

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Street Address
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