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  Ultimate Destiny Success System

Ultimate Destiny Success System includes the 14 stand-alone programs listed below with over 1,200 pages of self-assessment quizzes, application exercises and featured resources in each area of co-creating your ultimate destiny.
  Ultimate Destiny – Worksheet and Magic Wand Video Message Pen  
This little eight page worksheet can help you realize quantum leaps in discovering and manifesting your ultimate destiny.  Download a free four page PDF. The complete kit including the worksheet and video message pen is only $10. plus $4.95 shipping and handling.

Freeze Framer and emWave
from HeartMath

Discover Your Hearts Desires. Enjoy the state of heart mind coherence with the Freeze Framer from HeartMath.     


Ultimate Destiny
Game Planning Work/Play Shop

This powerful all-day workshop offered in San Diego and Sedona AZ will help you discover your ultimate destiny and help you learn how to access the resources that will help you manifest your destiny.  The Play Shops are customized for individuals, nonprofit organizations, companies and even communities. If you would like to have fun, imagine your ultimate destiny, envision your desired outcomes, nurture your heart's desires, set priority goals, implement effective action plans and experience appreciation and gratitude,  call or email us to register for the next workshop.


Living Your Dreams
with Mark Victor Hansen

In this powerful and life-changing program from Mark Victor Hansen, you’ll learn the proven concepts, powerful skills, the easy-to-use techniques and the step-by-step action items you’ll need to define your dreams and live them – what ever they are!


Rise and Shine
with Seven Ascension Attitudes! 

   * Discover Your Mission In Life
   * Seven Ascension Attitudes
  * Daily Disciplines Toward Godhood
   * Daily Mindstorming Exercise
   * Be Still and Know I Am God 
   * Biblical Scriptures on Successful Living
   * Practicing The Presence Of God
     and excerpts from God Calling, Ye Are Gods,
     and Unity pamphlets.


The Success Puzzle
by Bob Proctor

What's been holding you back from living your dreams? What keeps you from getting exactly what you want in your life? Why does achieving success have to be so puzzling?

Success actually IS like a puzzle – in order to successfully piece a puzzle together, you use the picture on the puzzle box lid as a guide. If you don't have a picture of the puzzle to follow,
it is very difficult to complete. With this Success Puzzle Program, you'll be finding,  recognizing and putting in place every piece you need to create a much more successful life!

  Success Mastery Academy Program with Brian Tracy
Two power packed days with Brian Tracy! This live program is filled with ideas, success secrets, skills, principles and strategies practiced by the world's greatest achievers. Brian Tracy will not only share these concepts with you, but will show you how to implement them on a consistent, daily basis that will help you make quantum leaps in virtually every area of your life.
The Ultimate Life Inpowerment ™ Planning System     
TULIPS is a comprehensive, spiritually oriented program and process for achieving personal, professional, organizational and lifetime goals. The  Planning System helps you See, Believe and Achieve your highest possible destiny. This is accomplished through a number of exercises that will help you learn how to effectively Ask, Seek, Knock and Give Thanks for the Wisdom, Faith, Power, Supply and Direction to discern and fulfill the Divine Plan for your life. This will in turn enable you to access the Abundant Provision and Divine Good that are available for your use whenever you are ready to accept them as your inheritance.

21 Steps To Successfuly Living Your Ultimate Destiny
After twenty-five years of studying and applying various success principles and techniques, we have observed that there are three primary factors that determine the level of success we realize in life as individuals, organizations and communities. We believe these are:
The clarity of our vision,
The definiteness of our purpose; and
The appropriateness of our beliefs, attitudes and actions.

To help share these principles with others, we have developed seven steps toward manifesting each of these three essential components of successful living.  


Living Your Dreams
by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

These two unknown authors created a publishing phenomenon and a multi-million-dollar business...
Let them show you how to create the life you want!
In this tenth-anniversary edition, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen share time-tested strategies that will help you create the life you want for yourself, whether it's attaining financial freedom, enjoying more fulfilling relationships, spending more leisure time with your family or living a healthier lifestyle.
By implementing the steps they've used to help launch star athletes, industry leaders and entrepreneurs, you, too, will discover how to: Use your "core genius" to maximize what you achieve Surround yourself with a success dream team Replace destructive habits with productive habits  Use gratitude-and the bounty it attracts-as a catalyst
Overcome fear and adversity so you can attain your goals


Live Your Dreams by Les Brown

Live Your Dreams is filled with sage, empowering, usable advice, animated by dramatic and moving stories from Les's own experience. Les Brown is A World Renowned Speaker, A Successful Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Radio and Tele-vision Celebrity and A Philanthropist. As a renowned professional speaker, author and television personality, Les
Brown has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off
mediocrity and live up to their greatness. It is a message Les Brown has learned from his own life and one he is helping
others apply to their lives. 


Building Your Field of Dreams
by Mary Manin Morrissey

...is a book of hope and encouragement for everyone who, like you, has ever longed to make their dreams come true. Mary Manin Morrissey's life has led her in many directions with many choices; some easy, and some difficult.

She was tested by life-threatening illness and years of struggling to make ends meet. Through it all she clung to her own dreams, even when those dreams seemed impossible to achieve. Reverend Mary Manin Morrissey founded the Living Enrichment Center in Wilsonville, Oregon, where she taught more than 3,000 people weekly, with radio and audio cassette outreach to over half a million people in 100 countries worldwide.

Building Your Field of Dreams weaves Mary's personal story into a comprehensive, 10-step plan for overcoming obstacles, learning to believe in yourself, and making your dreams come true. Inspiring stories of successful dream-builders will challenge you to believe in the impossible.