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 Empowerment 101

Empowerment 101
will be an annual "empowerment resource guidebook" and directory. In conjunction with our affiliated web sites, participating sponsors and partners and our blog sites, Empowerment 101 is envisioned as the "Consumer Reports" for resources on personal, social, organizational, community and spiritual empowerment.

The first edition of Empowerment 101 will be published electronically in August 2008 by Ultimate Destiny Press. Special editions will be published to be used by participating non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the personal and professional development of members. For details on this pending book, please visit 











EMPOWERMENT 101 Resources to Help People, Organizations and Communities See, Believe & Achieve All They Can Be, Do & Have

  Published by CENTER SPACE, Inc.

 Center for Spiritual, Personal, And Community Enlightenment

 Copyright 2008

OBJECTIVE: Disseminate so many valuable resources for empowerment, enrichment, enlightenment , and education that we receive the millions of dollars we have claimed to implement our ultimate vision of a University for Successful Living and an international network of locally initiated Centers for Successful Living. The book would include 101 ways to foster Spiritual, Personal, Organizational and Community Empowerment including photographs and examples. The book would also include a resource section with lists of available publications, audio video training programs, consulting services, career and income opportunities such as distributorships (CSL, SMI, etc.) Subsequent books would be titled Empowerment 102, 103, 104, etc. focusing on churches and other organizations, personal empowerment and community empowerment. We would also publish the books and follow-up resources on the Internet.


Sale of the book & subsequent versions targeted to Spiritual, Personal, Community, Business, etc.

Sale of books and tapes

Speakers Bureau Services

Centers for Successful Living Franchise fees

Certification and Training fees

Seminar and Workshops Tuition

Consulting Services and Technical Assistance Contracts and grants

Membership fees


Distributorships (USL, CSL, NGC, SMI)

Newsletters and magazines

Referral fees for generation of business for other organizations such as The Foundation for Community Encouragement, Steven Covey's Learning Center, Kenneth Blanchard, etc.


Use 101 Ways as means of massive dissemination of useful resources to the world in order to render service sufficient to generate income to fund further implementation of our Center SPACE and USL vision.

Publish initial 101 as general introduction to resources for spiritual personal, organizational and community empowerment and  then  publish subsequent versions targeted to each market segment

Conduct periodic conferences and showcases for interested people and organizations and communities to participate in a showcase and be trained and certified to replicate the concept and individual training components

Offer to go to a community to present a showcase and show them how to promote it and even how to make money doing so.

Possible Contents for a prototype Empowerment 101 Resources . . . packet together with samples, newspaper clippings, evaluation form comments, etc.


USL/CSL Showcases

Centers for Successful Living

Community Resource Centers

Proprietary Products

Distributorships/Resource Providers



Partnership Agreement With the Lord

Setting Spiritually Centered New year's Resolutions

Visioning and Strategic Planning

The Ultimate Life Course

7 Ascension Attitudes and Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord


Strategic Planning for Oneida County and Kankakee, Illinois

Community Economic Development Resource Center



Introduction to Personal and Professional Success Techniques

Successful Life and Work Skills

Success: Full Living

The Ultimate Life Inpowerment Planning System

Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement

Success University


Microenterprise Development Training Programs

Leadership Development Systems

Brian Tracy's 14 Effective Manager Seminars

E.A.G.L.E.S. Custom Workshops

Tom Schenck's Development Training Programs

Brian Tracy's New Psychology of Selling

Advanced  Sales Management Principles


(All those listed for Business and Career plus:)

Strategic Planning ( KCTC, KCTO, Christmas In April, YWCA, KCDC, PHD)

Effective Manager Seminars

101 Ways to Enhance Spiritual, Personal, Organizational and Community Empowerment includes resources from CENTER SPACE and many other organizations such as:

 TULIPS, The Ultimate Life Inpowerment Planning System

Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement (Brain Tracy)

Effective Manager Series (List all 14 titles) (Brian Tracy)

Success University (SMI)

Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting (SMI)

My Tyme Planners (SMI)

The Peoples Network

SMI Distributorships and other products

Book and Tape reviews and sales

Success: Full Living

Introduction to Personal Success Techniques

How to Get the Most Out of Self-Help Materials

How to Protect Yourself in Self-Help Programs

The Three Round Method of Brainstorming

Prosperity Consciousness Workshops

Mastering the Art and Science of Successful Living

Successful Living According to Proverbs

Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord

Achieving Personal and Corporate Excellence

Partnership Agreement With the Lord

Setting Spiritually Centered New Year's Resolutions


YES, Youth Empowerment and Success

Youth Success Academy

Centers for Successful Living

CSL Showcases

MasterMind groups

Treasure Mapping Exercises

Successful Life and Work Skills

7 Ascension Attitudes

Practicing the Presence of God

Be Still and Know I Am God

Developing a Master Fundraising Plan

Audio Video Lending Library

Forming a Community Development Corporation

Establishing a Community Resource Center

Retreat Center Programs and Facilities

Foundation for Community Encouragement Workshops

Steve Covey's Workshops

Kenneth Blanchard Workshops

Dale Carnegie Courses

PMA Science of Success Workshops

Mark Tucker Multi-media Programs

Tom Schenck Seminars and Workshops

Multicultural Diversity Workshops

Consensus Building

Community Building Workshops (FIC/CESCI, CSI)

Conflict Resolution Workshops ( Bridges)

Myers Briggs Assessments

Carlson Learning Systems Profiles

Ultimate Success Library

Championship Dynamics

The Ultimate Life Course

Realizations and Resolutions

Setting Up A Community Council  (Community Service, Inc.)

Establishing a Community Foundation

Community Education Center (National Center for Community Education)

Community Mapping Process ( Kellogg Foundation in Illinois)

Community Visioning for Quality of Life ( National League of Cities)

Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Team Building

Leadership Development ( LDI, LDS, Kyle Wilson's Leadership Weekend)

Prayer Groups and Prayer Chains, Heart Warmers' Committees (Unity Church)

Celebration of Progress Programs

S.O.P.A.D.A. Format ( Subject, Objective, Proposal, Advantages, Disadvantages, Action Steps)

Project Assessment Grid, Discerning and Setting Priorities

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Setting and Achieving Goals

Effective Time Management

Abundant Living Workshops ( Dr. Luis Zapata and Chris Hibbard)

Membership Development


 Develop prototype and submit to publishers for an advance

 Get grant to develop the concept and publish the resource guide ( Lilly, Kellogg, Mott)

 Contract with United Way of America to develop initially for UW Agencies

 Contract or grant with Lilly Endowment to develop prototype for Indiana, Submit through Indiana Interchurch center. Combine with the TPN church installation proposal using IIC's satellite capability as training center and host of CSL.

 Sell through direct mail campaign.

 Develop business plan and get a loan. and or implement though investors.

 Do as initial 3 ring binder and sell for minimal amount since it will generate future income for us.

 Cut deal with the new publishing group formed by Gary Moore to publish "How To" Books

 Develop our own complete line of "How To" publications

 Pre sell the book and consulting services to United Way's churches, etc.

 Get advances from organizations and resource providers to be featured in the books


 Set up various Empowerment 101, 102, 103 etc. with sections, introductory articles and quotes:

Deepak Chopra, Les  Brown, Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Rohn, Gary Moore, Scott Peck, Paul J. Meyer, Kyle Wilson, Dr. Tom Hill, W. Clement Stone, Chin-Ning Chu, Dr. Swack, Rev. Eric Robinson, Steven Covey, etc.

 Include Garkovich quotes, Dr. Poston, Arthur Morgan, etc.

 Refer to comments on empowerment from the biography of Jesus Christ.

 Include listing of audio tapes of God Calling, The Power Within and I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes by Arleen































The CAN DO! Empowerment Resource Center is a joint venture of three affiliated non-profit organizations: Ultimate Destiny University, CENTER SPACE (The Center for Personal, Spiritual And Community Empowerment) and the Center for Conscious Sustainable Living.


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