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Magazine and Newspaper Articles About CAN DO!, Ultimate Destiny, and CENTER SPACE

There are several hundred newspaper and magazine articles about the
co-founders' projects, contributions and accomplishments in community development, empowerment and disaster relief in 9 states (Mississippi;
Illinois, Indiana; Ohio, Michigan, Missouri; New York, Virginia, California and Washington, DC) plus the Bahamas, Canada and Switzerland. A few of those will be provided as links from this page. Letters of Support are provided on that page.

These first few links are some of the first newspaper articles about CAN DO!

Les Brown Proves Motivation Works

Motivational Group Plans More Events

Kankakee CAN DO! Seeks to Become Mecca of Motivation

Kankakee County Agency Creates Positive Image

Betterton Seeks To Motivate

Betterton Seeks to Motivate is a great article by Kimberly Chievrue presents the overview of the Ultimate Destiny Community Empowerment Resource Center model. Kim was so moved by the results and accomplishments of the organizations and programs Betterton and his team produced that she now serves as one of the major coauthors and editors of the fourteen part Ultimate Destiny Success System. Kim has also authored about a dozen articles that Ultimate Destiny will use to introduce the world to Ultimate Destiny University and the Ultimate Destiny Success System.

Despite Naysayers, Armory Lives

This article includes a photo of Charles Betterton (co-founder of Ultimate Destiny), Susie Brown, (former Executive Director of the United Way of Kankakee County and the Oneida County NY United Way) who is now on the Ultimate Destiny advisory board), William Lucek, (President of Kankakee Community Development Corporation KCDC established by Betterton) and Tim Schmidt, (Director of the Kankakee Development Corporation) receiving a Governor’s Home Town Award from Illinois Governor Jim Edgar for the success of the  Community Empowerment Resource Center Betterton had created and managed.

Program Motivates Business Spirit

HUD, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, subsequently asked Betterton and the KCDC accept grant funding to design and deliver what evolved into an award winning microenterprise development, self-employment and entrepreneurship training program. The Community Resource Center is the largest prototype so far with 22,000 square feet and it is the most successful model Community Resource Center. The CRC has continued to operate for over fifteen years and has served tens of thousands of participants with programs on everything from personal and professional development, to community mobilization activities, and recreational programs in the gymnasium.

Betterton Selected for HUD Schorlarship and
Betterton Declines $250,000 HUD Fellowship

The attached articles present the decision Betterton made to turn down a $250,000. Fellowship from HUD, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, in order to continue to develop and refine  the organizations, programs and products that are now the “foundations” under the “castles in the air” presently known as Ultimate Destiny and Ultimate Destiny University.

While it was an honor to be selected as one of only 230 Community Builders out of 8,500 applicants, the program would have required Betterton to disassociate from any other program activities and he had too many commitments and too many pending major projects to be able to accept the offer.

Certification of Success Coach Trainers

This article includes a photo of Charles Betterton receiving an award from Paul J. Meyer and the Presidents of two of his companies. Betterton served for several years with Success Motivation International and was a certified trainer of Success Coaches and was one of the twelve regional leaders for the expansion of the company’s Success University program. Betterton’s relationships with SMI and LMI began when he offered to give the University for Successful Living to Paul J. Meyer in 1997.  That communication led to Mr. Meyer connecting Betterton with David Hicks who was then President of SMI and he participated in helping Betterton produce model Empowerment Resource Showcases.

Resource Showcases and Seminar Reveals Success Secrets

These all day events provide participants with the opportunity to try out up to
!2 mini workshops in a day. The process enables them to determine what programs would be most valuable to them personally and it represents one of the main components of the Ultimate Destiny marketing and public relations programs. Through Betterton’s continuing affiliation with three of the Paul J. Meyer companies, Ultimate Destiny has access to hundreds of self-assessment exercises, seminars, workshops and training of training programs.

Les Brown Teaches Leadership Skills to Muncie Youth

The developments reported in the attached article reprinted from the Muncie, Indiana Times the day after the Success Center Partnership event with Les Brown for youth went on to win recognition by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO).

Betterton conceived, developed and implemented the Success Center Partnership as another model of the Empowerment Resource Center concepts using $24,000. out of the $250,000. obtained through a Drug Elimination Grant he obtained for the Muncie Housing Authority. The project was honored by HUD as one of 3000 “Best Practices” throughout the nation and the Executive Director of the Housing Authority and Betterton gave a presentation at the NAHRO national convention to demonstrate how other PHA’s could apply the Success Center Partnership community building model.

CAN DO! Motivational Workshop with Les Brown and Gladys Knight

CAN DO! Youth Essay Contests 

The Real Reason . . . . Youth Empowerment

Jim Rohn Message Rings Through Olivet Nazarene University

Inspirational Speaker's Visit to Gary Draws Distant Followers

Resources for Personal and Community Empowerment The Nassau Guardian

Corn Hill Speaks About Oneida CAN DO! 

Better Is At the Root of His Development Concepts

Center for Successful Living Plans Resource Showcase

Betterton's Graduation from City Government and Editorial Cartoon with Three Stooges

Taking New Thought Principles to the World

The attached article from Creative Mind magazine reports on the developments of Wisdom, Wealth, Wellness and Ultimate Destiny and our plans to help establish a network of 10,000 locally initiated Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems and Empowerment Resource Center by 2012. 

The connections that Ultimate Destiny has developed over the years with the
“New Thought Movement”  include memberships in the Association for Global New Thought, lifetime membership in the International New Thought Association Centers. This is part of the marketing plan to promote the establishment of Empowerment Resource Centers within the international network of 3000 New Thought Centers world-wide including Religious Science and Unity Centers. A more recent initiative is described at www.ultimatedestinyuniversity.com/new_thought.htm
















The CAN DO! Empowerment Resource Center is a joint venture of three affiliated non-profit organizations: Ultimate Destiny University; CENTER SPACE (The Center for Personal, 
Spiritual And Community Empowerment); and the
Center for Conscious Sustainable Living.


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