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Discover and Manifest Your Organization's Ultimate Destiny!

Some of the main resources available from CAN DO! for Organizational Development and Empowerment include the Empowerment Resource Center Model, ETMS, Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems tailored to community development, Co-creative Visioning for Communities, You CAN DO! Too Resource Manuals, etc.

Ultimate Destiny University is collecting resources for organizational  development and empowerment and will publish them as Discover and Manifest Your Organization's Ultimate Destiny.

The signature version of the Discover and Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny book series is targeted to individuals. Subsequent editions will feature Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development, Organizations, Businesses, Communities and Spiritual Organizations. The Organizational edition will feature experts such as Peter Senge on Metanoic Organizational Development and Leadership, Betty Didcoct and Amy Jones (international experts in OD), and representatives of Social Venture Network, IONS, Institute of HeartMath, etc.

The edition for the Corporate sector will include resources from the World Business Academy,  Social Venture Network, Spirit in Business, Center for Spirit At Work, Paul J. Meyer, Sir John Whitmore and Richard Barrett. The edition for Spiritual Organizations will feature resources from Church Growth International (founded by Paul J. Meyer), Injoy Inc. (which produces programs by John Maxwell), and other recognized experts such as Rev. David Yonggi Cho, Rick Warren, Bob Harrison, etc.

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The CAN DO! Empowerment Resource Center is a joint venture of three affiliated non-profit organizations: Ultimate Destiny University, CENTER SPACE (The Center for Personal, Spiritual And Community Empowerment) and the Center for Conscious Sustainable Living.


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