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Personal Development and Empowerment

  "Whatever you can vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass."  Paul J. Meyer

Discover and Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny with
CAN DO! Ultimate Destiny Success System!

CAN DO! Ultimate Destiny
Success System

Presenting A Treasure Chest
of Resources for Leadership, Healing, Empowerment and Transformation.

The CAN DO! Ultimate Destiny Success System includes the 14 stand-alone programs listed below with over 1,000 pages of self-assessment quizzes, application exercises and featured resources in each area of fulfilling your ultimate destiny.

The Ultimate Destiny Success System is available for $77 electronically, $197 for the complete set of print books and $497 for the set of e-books, CD's and an orientation DVD.


Manifesting Your
Ultimate Destiny

E-book, book or CD

Solving Your Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle
E-book, book or CD

Realizing Your
Ultimate Potential

E-book, book or CD

Enjoying Ultimate
Health and

E-book, book or CD

Fulfilling Your
Life Purpose, Mission and Goals

E-book, book or CD

Enjoying Loving,

E-book, book or CD

Achieving Ultimate Success in Your
Business or Career

E-book, book or CD

Enjoying Financial
Freedom and Prosperity

E-book, book or CD

Raising Your
Consciousness Level

E-book, book or CD

Attaining Spiritual

E-book, book or CD

Harnessing Your Creative Power and Subconscious Mind
E-book, book or CD

Enjoying Peace
and Balance in All
Areas of Life

E-book, book or CD

Making A
and Leaving A Legacy

E-book, book or CD

Fostering Personal
and Planetary Sustainability

E-book, book or CD

Solving Our Personal, Community, National and  Global Success Puzzles
E-book, book or CD


































The CAN DO! Empowerment Resource Center is a joint venture of three affiliated non-profit organizations: Ultimate Destiny University, CENTER SPACE (The Center for Personal, Spiritual And Community Empowerment) and the Center for Conscious Sustainable Living.


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