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Enlightenment 101

Enlightenment 101:
Mostly Free Resources for Applying Universal Laws Including the Law of Attraction Featured in
 “The Secret."

Enlightenment 101
will be an annual "enlightenment resource guidebook" and directory. In conjunction with our affiliated
web sites, participating sponsors and
partners and our blog sites, Enlightenment 101 is envisioned as the "Consumer Reports" for resources on personal, organizational, community and spiritual enlightenment.

The first edition of Enlightenment 101 will be published electronically in August 2008 by Ultimate Destiny Press. Special editions will be published to be used by participating non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the personal and professional development of members. For details on this pending book, please visit











Enlightenment 101: Over 101 Mostly Free Resources for Applying Universal Laws
Including the Law of Attraction Featured in “The Secret” Movie.

E-books, Books, Newsletters, Ezines, Audio/Video, Online Training, Live Events, Membership, Discounts, affiliate programs, bonuses, etc.

Quizzes, Assessments & Exercises

Liberate Your Magnificence Quiz
Personal Success Quiz
Ultimate Destiny Quiz
DISC Profile at discount
Enlightenment 101 Quiz
Lisa Love’s Wellness Quiz
What’s Your UDQ? (Ultimate Destiny Quotient)
Uniquely Yours
DISC Profiles

Tentative List of Featured E-books and PDF Documents

The Spiritual Secret by Lisa Love
The Secret to Solving Your Success Puzzle
The Secret to Realizing Your Ultimate Potential
The Secret to Attaining Financial Freedom and Prosperity
The Secret to Enjoying Optimal Health and Well-Being
The Secret to Fulfilling Your Life Purpose
The Secret to Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment
The Secret to Enjoying Loving Relationships
The Secret to Achieving Ultimate Success in Your Business or Career
The Secret to Harnessing Your Creative Mind Power
The Secret to Raising Your Consciousness Level
The Secret to Making a Difference and Leaving a Legacy
The Secret to Enjoying Peace and Balance in Life
The Secret to Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability
Figuring Out Your Faith by Howard Pepper
The Secret of Applying The Science of Getting Rich from Wallace Wattles
The Secret of Thinking and Growing Rich from Napoleon Hill
The Secret of Tapping Your Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes
The Secret of Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes
The Science of Mind e-book by Ernest Holmes
The Secret of Living In Tune with the Infinite
God Calling from the book edited by A. J. Russell
The Secret of As a Man Thinketh by James Allen
The Little Light Being by Genii Townsend
Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions from CENTER SPACE
Partnership Agreement with God from CENTER SPACE
Seven Ascension Attitudes from CENTER SPACE
E-book from Heart Math
Dream Binder
Godhood? Oh My God! from CENTER SPACE
Your Interview with God: The Ultimate Entrance Exam from CENTER SPACE
Seven Steps in Manifesting by Peter Heist
Practicing the Presence of God from CENTER SPACE
Spiritual Goals Setting System from CENTER SPACE
Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord from CENTER SPACE
TULIPS, The Ultimate Life Inpowerment Planning System from CENTER SPACE
The Secret of Using Discernment Grids from Ultimate Destiny
Motivision: The Secret of Motivating Yourself To Manifest Your Higher Vision
30 Keys to Change Your Destiny by Guy Finley
Secrets of the Internet Millionaire Mind by Matt Bacak
Manifesting Mind by Barry Gross
Some Thoughts on Creation
The Top Inspirational Quotes from Self Growth
Shock Wealth from Philippe Mathews
Visioning Manual and interview from Church of Religious Science
Wheel of Life Exercises for individual, spiritual, community from Ultimate Destiny
37 Secrets About Prosperity by Randy Gage e-book
The Addiction Bug by Genii Townsend
Three Steps to Light by Dr. Bill Townsend
The Little Black Bag by Genii Townsend
Golden Bridge Exercise from Donald Curtis
Outcome Success Map by Dr. John Prieskorn
Charting Daily Consciousness Levels from CENTER SPACE
Ruth Kellogg’s poems
Paul J. Meyer’s Personal Success Plan
Success Map and My Ideal Image by Marilyn King
101 Ways to Release Your Potential by Kevin Eikenberry
Ways to Help Your Church Grow and Prosper from CENTER SPACE
Spiritual Mind Treatment Resources e-books from CENTER SPACE
Excerpts from Mega Trends 2010


The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder
The Spiritual Basis of True Prosperity by Roy Eugene Davis
Divine Healing


Total Person
Total Wellness


Successful Living
The Louise Hay Newsletter

Audio/Video Programs

The Science of Getting Rich CD
The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale mp3
Free CD from Morgan Westerman
Discounts on audios and videos from Nightingale Conant
Creating My Day, Twinflames

Live Events

Tickets to T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive
Tickets to Enlightened Millionaire Training
Tickets to Chris Howard training
Discounts on Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Training

Online Training

Prosperity Course by Randy Gage

Miscellaneous Products

Dream Minders at special discount
Free trial of Vision Board by John Assaraf
Million dollar bill
Prosperity Poster
Guy Finley Fast Start
Free Simple Money Machines web site
Seven Ascension Attitudes bookmark
Spiritual Mind Treatment Resource Kit


Free membership in CENTER SPACE
Free 90 day membership in Ultimate Destiny University
Free membership in Wishes Work Wonders Club
Introductory packets from the Center for Spiritual Awakening, World Business Academy, IONS (Institute of Neotic Sciences), Spirit in Business, Association for Spirit At Work, Social Venture Network, etc.


12 articles from Ultimate Destiny by Kimberley Jace
Napoleon Hill Foundation 17 articles
Paul J. Meyer articles
Prosperity Can Be Yours Interview with Richard Kiennger
Your Destiny by Ralph Marston


$75 off Freeze Framer
$500 to $1,000 off Mega Event
$500 to $1,000 Big Internet Marketing Seminar

We Are Asking for a Free Product From:

Catherine Ponder, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity books
Edwene Gaines
T. Harv Eker
Chris Howard
Robert Allen
Jerry Teplitz
John Assaraf
Dr. Lou Tartaglia
Barry Spilchuk
Paul J. Meyer ( Million Dollar Personal Success Plan plus books)
Ronnie Marrroquin (Sample copy of one of his newsletter on Wellness, The Total Person, etc)
Unity (Daily Word or Treasure Chest)
Mother Lode Goal Card from Mark Victor Hansen
Miracle of Tithing from Mark Victor Hansen
Quartus Foundation The Abundance Book?
Jim Rohn
Brian Tracy
Rhoberta Schaller
Les Brown
Healing Art paintings from Madeline Tuttle
Free CD from Will Tuttle
Free CD from Stephen Halpern
Gary Malkin
IONS (Free DVD from on Consciousness)
Barbara Marx Hubbard (Free DVD)
Mary Manning Morrissey
Free copy of Science of Mind magazine
Terry Cole Whitaker
Terry McBride
Uniquely Yours
The Sedona Method (Free introductory CD)
Colin Tipping
Phillipe Matthews
David Dibble
Pat Sullivan
Patricia Aburdene
Andrew Beath
Robert MacPhee
Jonnie Coleman
Barbara King
Center for Visionary Leadership
Money and You DC Cordova
Soul of Money Lynne Twist
Energy of Money Maria Nemeth

What other resources and resource providers would you recommend that we add to this initial list?









































The CAN DO! Empowerment Resource Center is a joint venture of three affiliated non-profit organizations: Ultimate Destiny University, CENTER SPACE (The Center for Personal, Spiritual And Community Empowerment) and the Center for Conscious Sustainable Living.


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