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Thanking Sponsors and Supporters of CAN DO!

Well, this is going to be a very long list and I apologize for anyone I have forgotten to include. It starts with my gratefulness for God and for my parents who tried their best to lead me in the right way, especially my Mother who gave me The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale when I was 16, and my Father, Major Drew Walton Betterton, who is still a major influence in my life even though he "graduated" from this plane of existence when I was only 8 years old.

The projects in Kankakee County
were always blessed by two incredible community leaders, Walter J. Charlton and Dr. John P. Grumish.

Mr. Charlton had always supported my community development efforts before, during and after my service as Director of Community and Economic Develop-ment for the City of Kankakee, Illinois.

Les Brown presenting Mr. Charlton with the first CAN DO! Award

Can-do Attitude earns Grumish chamber honor
               Kankakee Daily Journal March 29, 1999

Dr. Grumish was the first individual to fully support our initial efforts to establish cause-oriented companies such as EAGLES LLC, Universal Empowerment, Inc. and later Ultimate Destiny.

The Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems are modeled after the cabinet of motivational programs Dr. Grumish keeps in his office to share with clients.

After I moved to California to learn about building cause oriented for-profit companies, my team and I launched the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award program. Following the advice of my mentors Dr. Grumish and Mr. Charlton, I decided to give myself
the first award, Imagine That!

Dr. Grumish received the second award, then Les Brown received his. Unfortunately, Mr. Charlton had "graduated" before we could present him with his.

Mark and Guia Hoffman were among the first to invest in the beginning of what has now evolved into several affiliated companies and non-profit organizations that share the vision and mission of empowerment, enlightenment and transformation.

Now let me list some of the others who were involved while I can remember them:

Dr. Philip Zediker has always been a supporter of personal and community empowerment. He also provided the initial funding for the CAN DO! events with Mark Victor Hansen.

Kevin Spivey was the main co-creator along with Charles Betterton of the first Community Unity Event in 1990 with Norman Vincent Peale and Les Brown.

Rev. Arleen Schmaltz co-founded CENTER SPACE, the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Empowerment.

Francis Smith generously provided a base of operations at the Illinois Diversatech Campus and donated about $12,000 of recreational equipment to support the Community Resource Center.

Rita Head and the Bradley-Bourbonnais Chamber of Commerce

The Kankakee River Valley Chamber of Commerce

Phil Angelo and the Daily Journal

Toby Olszewski and the Herald County Market

David Merkel of Colonial Studio who always got the best possible photos

Charles Wren, a Dale Carnegie Course facilitator, and one of the most generous people in the world, who sponsored our work personally, energetically and financially.

Ken Best who provided advice, support and a base of operations for a model Center for Successful Living

Jim Bridgewater and Midwest Transit who was a regular supporter of CAN DO!

Norm Graham who generously bought a building to support the City's Community Development Agency and Community Development Center

Willis and Shirley Johnson of the Paramount Theater

Dr. John Bowling and Olivet Nazarene University who provided the best venue in the County for several of our major programs.

Chuck Burke

Gary Moore

Tim Milner

Bill Guertin WKAN radio

Gary Wright of WKAN radio

Lorie Naese of Speckman Realty

Arlen Speckman

Susie Brown, the President of the Kankakee County United Way

Ray Stuchly, of Leadership Motivation International

Tom Schenck, consultant in Champaign who co-founded the CSL in Kankakee

Ron Fiscus of Minuteman Press

Harold Moe who provided access to the Brian Tracy affiliate program

Renee Trenda who was always there when needed, whether that was staffing a booth or making homemade cookies because we could not afford to buy them for the first major event with Brian Tracy.

Charles Whitnel of The Resource Group of America in Nashville who taught us every thing he knew as the owner of one of the premier speakers' bureaus in the US.

Larry and Judy Linman of McDonalds who frequently provided meals for committee meetings.

Tim Schmidt and the Board of Directors for the Kankakee Development Corporation that worked closely with the Kankakee Community Development Corporation to transform the Kankakee National Guard Armory building into an award-winning Community Resource Center.

Mayor Don Green of Kankakee and then Mayor Grover Brooks of Bourbonnais.

Tom Clark, then Executive Director of the United Way of Kankakee County who supported the community development initiatives.

Kimberley Chievrue, a reporter for the Daily Journal

Lisa Laney, a reporter for the Daily Journal

Ed Biershenk, a reporter for the Daily Journal

Marx Gibson, former Managing Editor of the Daily Journal who supported and encouraged community development effors.


Kenda Pardy, then President of the Options Board

Ronnie Marroquin of Rutherford Publishing

and of course the individuals who came to Kankakee and Muncie and Gary to participate:

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Les Brown

Jim Rohn

Brian Tracy

Mark Victor Hansen

Bonnie St. John

Paul. J. Meyer

Chin Ning Chu

Aleda Bowers

Dr. Michael Swack, founder and Dean of the Community Economic Development Masters program at Southern New Hampshire University

Dr. Richard Poston of the Community Development Society

Dr. George Pintar of the Illinois Community Educational Association

Jeffrey Bercevitz then of Regeneration

Grew Jordan, then with Community Renewal Society

Professor Steven Balkin of Roosevelt University who helped promote what became a highly successful micro-enterprise development program.

Patricia Hudson who was the cement that held together the building blocks of the initial vision of the Community Resource Center.

PLEASE: If you were also a participant or sponsor of CAN DO! and I failed to list you, please forgive me AND contact me right away so I can add you to the list. charlesbetterton@gmail.com










The CAN DO! Empowerment Resource Center is a joint venture of three affiliated non-profit organizations: Ultimate Destiny University, CENTER SPACE (The Center for Personal, Spiritual And Community Empowerment) and the Center for Conscious Sustainable Living.


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