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"Who Else Would Like to Help Bless and Serve Millions of People All Over the World As We Distribute 100 Million Dollars Worth of Resources for Development, Empowerment and Enlightenment Training,  Create A Billion Dollar Enterprise (That Combines the Best of Amazon.com and The Best of
Wal-Mart), and Leave A Trillion Dollar Legacy For Awakening, Realization of Potential and Expanded Global Capacity to Address And Resolve Issues?"

CAN DO! Ultimate Destiny and our affiliated companies and non-profit agencies are now strategically positioned to accomplish this vision of Expanding the Circle of Success. The basic strategy is to give away a hundred million dollars of Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems. The vision includes the three primary principles of Community Economic Development: Self-help; Empowerment and Capacity Building.

 Our “pay it forward” strategy still represents several significant profit centers. These include membership revenue, income from the production, publishing and distribution of electronic books, printed books, audio and video programs and live events, speakers bureau services, consulting services, licensing and franchising, affiliate income from the hundreds of affiliate programs we are enrolled in, revenue from the training-of-trainers, etc.

For example, recipients of the donated $10,000 ETMS (Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems) will only have to invest the cost of sending a local staff person for the week long training as a CAN DO! Empowerment Facilitator.

The sponsoring agency will pay their travel and lodging expenses ( at our affiliated retreat centers such as Lily Hill Farm Learning Center whenever possible) and a discounted tuition of $1,000 for 5 full days of training and ongoing coaching and mentoring.

Take a tour of this web site for more information about you can earn while you learn and help CAN DO! reach millions of underserved people all over America and the world. If you resonate with this vision, we also invite you to consider this Invitation to Help Solve the Global Sustainability Success Puzzle.

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The CAN DO! Empowerment Resource Center is a joint venture of three affiliated non-profit organizations: Ultimate Destiny University; CENTER SPACE (The Center for Personal, 
Spiritual And Community Empowerment); and the
Center for Conscious Sustainable Living.


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