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Women's Empowerment 101:
 Resources Mostly by Women for Women

The scope of this project would consist of producing live events over a time frame of three years with 101 of the leading resource providers for women's empowerment. Almost all of the initially identified resource providers are women who have authored books, developed seminars and workshops, or who provide other empowering, inspiring and enabling resources.

In addition to gathering the content for Women's Empowerment 101, the purpose of the events include: developing new multi-media programs and products that foster women's empowerment: to expand the field of world-class resource providers who are women; to help provide expanded capacities for leadership development to all women, anywhere in the world; and to refine and adapt the Empowerment Training Mentoring System to meet and serve the special needs of women.  

The initial list of potential resource providers includes: 

Susan Davis

Meg Wheatley

Marianne Williamson

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Jean Houston

Barbara DeAngeles

Loral Langemeier

Eve Hogan

Bonnie St. John

Lisa Nichols

Suze Orman

Lynne Twist

Lynn Pierce

Jody Colvard

Joan Gufstason

Ariel Ford

Debbie Ford

Amy L. Jones

Mary Omwake

Mary Morrisey

Terry Cole Whittaker

Edwene Gaines

Catherine Ponder

Jonnie Coleman

Jan Price

Maria Nemeth

Ester Hicks

Catherine Austin Fitts

Aleda Bowers

Helice Bridges

Shannon Peck

Betty Didcoct

Carolyn Estes

Carolyn Anderson

Patricia Drain

Sylvia Wright

Bobbi DePorter

Deb Rozman

Kathy Hern

Deborah Nelson

Connie Evans

Gwen Jordan

Pat Sullivan

Judi Neal

Chin Ning Chu

Wendy Craig Purcell

Juanita Brown

Marilyn Nyborg

Rebecca Adamson

Louise Hay

Doreen Virtue



Shirley MacLaine

Lisa Love

Iyanla Vanzant

Marcia Collins

Hillary Clinton

Byron Katie

Cheryl Richardson

Joan Borysenko

Judith Orlof

Marilyn Schlitz

Rosalyn Carter

Sallie Redfield

Karen Buckley

Jillian Manus

Karen Drucker

Corinne McLaughlin

Genii Townsend



 Plus a Few Empowering Men Such As:

Les Brown

Jack Canfield

Mark Victor Hansen

Deepak Chopra

Andrew Harvey

Andrew Cohen

Dr. Emmett Miller

Ty Caine

Brian Tracy

Hale Dwoskin

Scott Peck

Peter Redding

Ray Stuchly

T. Harv Eker

Chris Howard

Wayne Dyer

Gary Zukav

Neale Donald Walsch

Colin Tipping

Edgar Mitchell

James O’Dea

Jimmy Carter

James Tyman

James Redfield

John Randolph Price

Bob Proctor

Alan Cohen

The ultimate multi-year, multi-million dollar project could encompass all of the preceding components. The objective in addition to publishing and producing the Empowerment 101 and Enlightenment 101 resources would be to produce events with 101 of the top resource providers for women’s empowerment over say three years. We would video tape their content, produce new content including Empowerment Marionettes (of those suitable for that adaptation), we would utilize the results of the three years to have refined, tested and re-refined our ETMS and Empowerment Resource Centers focusing on women’s and youth development and empowerment.




























The CAN DO! Empowerment Resource Center is a joint venture of three affiliated non-profit organizations: Ultimate Destiny University; CENTER SPACE (The Center for Personal, 
Spiritual And Community Empowerment); and the
Center for Conscious Sustainable Living.


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