"Who Else Would Like to Help Serve Millions of People All Over
the World As We Distribute 100 Million Dollars Worth of Training Resources for Development, Empowerment and Enlightenment, Create A Billion Dollar Enterprise (That Combines the Best of Amazon.com and The Best of Wal-Mart), and Leave A Trillion Dollar Legacy For Awakening, Realization of Potential and Expanded Individual and Collective Capacity to Address And Resolve Social, Economic and Environmental Challenges?

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Invitation to Eric Kampmann to Explore Possible
Collaboration on an Innovative Hybrid Partnership Model

Greetings Eric:

I enjoyed and benefited from your wisdom and expertise on the Best Seller Blueprint call with Steve Harrison. Thank you for that! After listening to what you shared about Midpoint, especially Midpoint Plus, your accomplishments including 200 million in sales, your digital capabilities, AND your Christian publishing and distribution infrastructure, I was inspired to approach you to explore a possible hybrid partnership model. Based on the preliminary review of your companies and all the synergistic possibilities of our cocreating a mutually beneficial strategic alliance, I would love to talk with you.

I had sent in a question for you on the Q and A call but apparently it was too long (because I need to explain what is presented on this page) so Steve understandably skipped over it. My questions were what distribution strategies would you recommend for our plans to create a multi-media publishing, marketing and distributing enterprise (that I will present here) and how might we most effectively attract the ideal  traditional publisher for a few of our most commercially viable titles.

We believe that one of our Christian titles,  Crowned with the Ultimate Success of the Lord: Discover Seven Ascension AttitudesThat Will Help You Enjoy Greater Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Prosperity, Divine Order and Perfect Harmony! could be as successful as The Prayer of Jabez!  It could evolve into 14 additional smaller titles (1 on each of the Seven Ascension Attitudes and 1 on each of the "Points of the Crown") along with supplemental programs and multi-media products.   www.crownedwiththeultimatesuccessofthelord.com

"Oh my. . .You've created the global Wal-Mart of empowerment!" -- John Eggen

The first time that  I shared the vision for what is presented on this page was during a 12 Minute Business Plan exercise at an Income Builders International training (now CEO Space) in 1999. My partner in the exercise was John Eggen who was a Coach and Mentor there. After we completed the exercise he said something like that quote above.


As a Community Economic Development Specialist, I didn't especially like that comparison. Now, several years later, I deeply appreciate John's astute observations because like Wal-Mart, we are developing a global marketing and distribution infrastructure, we offer some of the world's best programs, products and services, we offer them at highly attractive prices (including our "Pay What It's Worth To You" program) and our resources providers and customers can own a piece of the store as a shareholder.


My appreciation for John's Wal-Mart comparison deepened when I attended the first international conference of The Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace last November. The Center is based at the Walton School of Business at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.


The three main keynote speakers described how they had built and or managed billion dollar enterprises based on spiritual principles like the cause-oriented enterprises I have cofounded. The presenters were John Tyson of Tyson Foods (major sponsor of The Center), Bill Pollard, former CEO of Service Master and Don Soderquist, former COO of Wal-Mart, author of The Wal-Mart Way and founder of the Center for Ethics and Values in Leadership at John Brown University. Click Here for our answer to the question "How to design a spiritual business?" asked by by Graham Wilson on the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace blog site)

hile I have created and coauthored a few titles, my team and I have over 101 publications in various stages of development that we will be publishing initially through our own imprint, either through Lightning Source or Create Space. While some of our initial titles in the series of 14 stand-alone publications (and programs) are described on this page, perhaps the best and quickest overview would be for you to take a quick tour of our Pinterest board at http://pinterest.com/bettertown/the-ultimate-destiny-success-system/. (It loads quicker if you click Open in a New Window)

The innovative Strategic Marketecture and the Strategic Marketing Matrix Systems we have developed encompass all 7 levels of your 7 Options for Authors pyramid. We are also planning to publish several more spiritually focused titles through our non-profit CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment.

For a quick overview of some of the most developed Christian oriented works, you might enjoy a tour at http://pinterest.com/bettertown/center-space-tm/

Our model also includes incorporating cause-oriented companies (based on the new Benefit Corporation model now available in 9 States) and getting them positioned to generate up to a million dollars each through the new Crowd Funding provisions of the JOBS Act.  I have decades of award-winning accomplishments with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development) in disaster relief and turn-around management. For example, I received the highest cash award ever paid a HUD employee for a modification to a property information management system that saved an estimated 300 million dollars.  Just in the past couple of years, HUD and other federal agencies have allocated several billion dollars of funding for the types of programs included in our business plan.

The award winning prototype Community Economic Development Resource Centers we have established have served tens of thousands of people and generated several million dollars. Our team has generated over 100 million dollars of grants, donations and contracts for non-profit organizations (NPOs) and government clients in the past, and our model includes several affiliated NPOs we established (such as CENTER SPACE, Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living and Expanding the Circle of Success and other major national and international NPOs  that we participate in and support.

Our main company, Universal Stewardheirship, Inc. is a multi-faceted Strategic Marketecture comprised of cause-oriented companies, not-for-profit organizations, and strategic alliance partners that publish, produce, market and distribute programs, products and services that facilitate personal, organizational and community empowerment, enlightenment, transformation and sustainability.

Air/Ocean version of the Icosahedron Dymaxion
Map from the Buckminster Fuller Institute

Universal Stewardheirship, Inc
. (US, Incorporated) consists of 20 synergistically aligned facets like an icosahedron. They include this new cause-oriented company
(based on the Benefit Corporation or B Corp model) and several affiliated not-for-profit organizations. Determination of which organization serves as the lead entity in any initiative is based upon consideration of the unique factors in that situation.

Our shared mission is Expanding the Circle of Success
to generate greater individual and collective capacity for solving the social, economic and environmental challenges we define as “Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzles”.  Some of the major programs, projects, and initiatives are included in the icosahedron diagram below.

There are over 20 interconnected revenue streams and profit centers including: Print and Digital Publishing; Audio Video Production; Membership Services; Online Training; Webinars; Teleseminars; Coaching; Consulting Services; Certification of EmpowerMentors™; Seminars; Workshops; Playshops; Resource Showcases,  Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems; CAN DO! Community Economic Development Resource Centers; Product Sales, Licensing and Franchising; Affiliate Programs; Grants; Donations; Contracts; etc.

The larger context within which the 14 titles are being published is demonstrated in the
 Icosahedron diagram that shows the 20 synergistic facets of Expanding the Circle of Success.

As previously stated, the initial product we are launching is the 14 stand-alone titles in our series that we refer to as the Ultimate Destiny Success System™. These interactive "how to guidebooks" are designed to help readers discover how to manifest more of their ultimate destiny (whatever that means to each one).

The main web sites are http://www.successpuzzle.com and  http://www.ultimatedestinysuccesssystem.com and each individual title has its own web site and blog site.


Background on this product: I initially wrote an 80-page manuscript on Discover How to Manifest Your Ultimate Destiny. Then I published online quizzes asking folks to help define “ultimate destiny”, identify various facets of that and to nominate authors and trainers for the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award.  I also invited others interested in the concepts to participate as coauthors and now each title has 4 or 5 coauthors.

Participants in the internet quizzes identified 10 major topics or “pieces of the ultimate success puzzle”. They included: Realizing Your Ultimate Potential; Enjoying Financial Freedom and Prosperity; Fulfilling Your Life Purpose; Enjoying Positive Loving Relationships; Achieving Ultimate Success in Business or Career; Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment; Enjoying Ultimate Health and Fitness; Raising Your Level of Consciousness,   Harnessing Your Creative Mind Power; and Enjoying Peace and Balance.

Based on our personal interests and research, we added two additional titles, Making a Difference and Leaving a Legacy and Fostering Personal and Planetary Sustainability. The 14 title in the series, Manifesting Your Ultimate Destiny was created later for our strategic alliance partners to include as a bonus in their related product offers.

   Solving Life’s “Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzles”   
Which Puzzle Pieces Are Most Important to You?

Click on the Puzzle Pieces to Enter That Part of Ultimate Destinyland

Each title is designed to meet and serve readers in their priority area of personal interest and at their present level of consciousness and spiritual development, and then to help them expand their interests and raise their consciousness level. For example, if someone engages first in Financial Freedom and Prosperity, we help them appreciate other facets such as enjoying positive loving relationships, enjoying optimal health and well-being, fulfilling their life purpose and mission, raising their consciousness and attaining spiritual enlightenment, etc.

All of our titles and programs on realizing your potential, fulfilling your purpose, achieving and financial success, manifesting your ultimate destiny, etc. introduce readers to Featured Resources. Of course that includes our more spiritually oriented programs and publications from CENTER SPACE and our strategic alliance partners. Those two factors helped me realize that I should contact you to explore a possible mutually beneficial relationship.

All 14 of these initial titles are presently available as a PDF. They will be published in print and on every major digital platform in the next few weeks and as CD’s, plus we will be delivering the contents through webinars, seminars and playshops.

We already enjoy top organic SEO positioning on all of our titles and main keyword phrases.

To help ensure the ultimate success of the larger Expanding the Circle of Success context within which we are publishing these works,  we  developed what we refer to as a Strategic Marketing Matrix™  (http://www.strategicmarketingmatrix.com). The description of our innovative evolution of a typical "platform" at http://www.ultimatedestinyuniversity.org/udss/smm.htm also helped us obtain the ideal literary agent we wanted to work with, Bill Gladstone of Waterside Productions.  

The larger context within which we are publishing these works is Expanding the Circle of Success.

That is both the name of one of our affiliated non-profit organizations AND our campaign to help distribute 100 million dollars worth of development training programs over the next 10 years, to and through the network of CAN DO! Community Resource Centers we are establishing based on decades of successful prototypes.

Click Here for a clearer version of the diagram below as a PDF with active hyperlinks.

The Strategic Marketing Matrix we created for marketing the Ultimate Destiny Success System is another way to demonstrate how all the interconnected components fit together. http://www.ultimatedestinysuccesssystem.com/smm.htm

Some of the main phrases (that we already have top SEO positioning for) that we want to brand include:

Ultimate Destiny

Ultimate Destiny University

University for Successful Living

Ultimate Success Puzzle

Solving Ultimate Success Puzzles

Solving Life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles

Expanding the Circle of Success

Examples of possible titles that also include one of the keyword phrases:

Eric, with all your experience and the expertise you possess, I believe you could be the perfect individual who can help us solve our "ultimate success puzzle" of how to most effectively create titles and subtitles for both the digital and print edition of these publications.

NOTE: As you scan the titles at www.successpuzzle.com, you will see how we are using the original paintings gifted to us by Swiss visionary artist Madeleine Tuttle to create a look and feel for the series.

Background on how we have been preparing to launch this product:

The non-profit organizations we have cofounded through which we are about to seek $500,000 from major foundations that provide Program Related Investments and Federal agencies include:

Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living

Expanding the Circle of Success

CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment)

The cause-oriented companies and new Benefit Corporations we have cofounded (through which we are about to raise equity capital) include:

Universal Stewardheirship, Inc.

Community Economic Development Resource Center, Inc.

California Community Economic Development Benefit Corporation, Inc.

 The training programs we have attended in preparation include:

Several Mega Book Marketing Universities with Mark Victor Hansen
hree of Rick Frishman's Author 101 University events
Peggy McColl's Bestseller Book Mentoring
Arielle Ford's Everything You Need To Know . . .
David Riklan's training on digital publishing
Daniel Hall's Real Fast Books and Real Fast Webinars
Kathleen Gage's training on Membership Sites and Kindle Bestsellers
Christina Hill's training on Optimize Press
I am presently participating in the BestSeller Blueprint training with Jack Canfield and Steve Harrison

Internet Marketing Training

Tom Antion's Great Internet Marketing Center
Several of Armand Morin's Big Seminar, AM2 Gold, etc.
Stu McLaren's Incubator Event
World Internet Summit


We have developed award-winning prototypes of our CAN DO! Community Resource Centers in conjunction with our priority target niche market of: United Way Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, HUD funded Public Housing Authorities and Community Development Block Grant entities (cities and counties), Community Development Corporations, New Thought Spiritual Centers, etc. Click Here for a few newspaper clippings and support letters.

Our team has previously generated over 100 million in grants, donations and contracts for clients.

We have generated a couple of million dollars in equity capital including several hundred K for our own enterprises (mostly from our cofounders) and we have turned down over 20 million from a billionaire who liked the ROI but we discovered doing due diligence that he had paid a $4.4 million dollar fine to the SEC for alleged "pump and dump"

We have successfully transformed the usual for-profit development training model into a not-for-profit "community empowerment mode": and have produced events for up to 1,800 participants (in a county of less than 100,000) featuring world-class authors and trainers such as Norman Vincent Peale, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Chin Ning-Chu, Bonnie St. John, William Bailey, etc. (http://www.candoresourcecenter.com)
Click Here for a few of hundreds of positive newspaper articles, support letters and examples of how our innovative model helps empower communities and generate maximum cocreative participation and sponsorships.

I have been experimenting with digital publishing at Smashwords, Book Baby, etc. and POD at Create Space.

All of our publications feature resources from 50 recipients of our Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Awards,

We are about to produce webinars on every title using Mike Filsame's Evergreen Webinar Business System.

To generate continuity revenue from memberships we bought a multi-site membership site license from WishList.

We have an revenue generating affiliate marketing program in place Learn, Earn and Return (1 Shopping Cart).

We have developed an Ultimate Fundraising Program that pays NPO's up to 100%.

As part of our marketing and list building strategy, we provide our programs and publications on a Pay It Forward and Conscious Energy Exchange basis at http://www.paywhatitsworthtoyou.com/.

Summary and Invitation:

Dear  Eric: 

Yes, I do realize that this is what most people would consider an overwhelming amount of information. If I'm right though, you are one of the 1 in 1,000 who will be able to "grok" and comprehend the scope, substance and potential significance of the global marketing and distribution infrastructure we have been inspired to cocreate. This really is only the tip of the iceberg. . . 

Our ultimate vision is to: (1) Help millions of people A.R.K.( Awaken to Spirit; Realize more of their potential; and Know how to fulfill their ultimate destiny; (2) To manifest stewardheirship over billions of dollars (for and through personal, organizational, community and global transformation); and (3) To leave a trillion dollar legacy for empowerment and enlightenment.

When we are successful in redirecting just 1/2 percent of the development training industry, (and we know how to do that through the network of CED Resource Centers) we will have developed a billion dollar enterprise.

While we could proceed with the plans and strategies we have including being prepared to raise $500,000 to $5,000,000 through the Investment Marketing Memorandum we have available for Universal Stewardheirship, Inc., it feels to me like a partnership with you could be the most ultimate possible scenario for our priorities that include digital and print publishing, marketing and distribution and strategic alliances with the Christian publishing and distribution. 

What I am envisioning is a mutually beneficial collaboration rather than a vendor client relationship.

Thank you again for the wisdom you shared on the call with Steve. As I stated in the beginning, I felt an inner calling from Spirit to follow up with this information.  If you are open to having an initial conversation to consider the possibilities, I would appreciate an opportunity to schedule a conversation with you at your earliest convenience.


Charles Betterton, MSCED
Creator and Coauthor of the Ultimate Destiny Success System
with the Study Group Facilitator Manuals
Cell 760-212-9931


         TED Profile





PS. If you would like to learn more about me and my spiritual dedication, please review the page at www.charlesbetterton.com/light_of_the_christ.htm, especially the short video.