Helping Solve Personal, Community, National and Global Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzles!

Establishing a National Network of
Community Economic Development (CED)
Benefit Corporations and B Corps

Expanding the Circle of Success for Addressing Social, Economic and Environmental Challenges by Combining the Principles and Practices of Community Economic Development (CED) with the Benefit Corporation
Model and Crowd Funding Provisions of the JOBS Act to Help Foster Innovation, Collaboration, Job Creation and Sustainable Communities

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Universal Stewardheirship, Inc. is a multi-faceted Strategic Marketecture comprised of cause-oriented companies, not-for-profit organizations, and strategic alliance partners that publish, produce, market and distribute programs, products and services that facilitate personal, organizational and community empowerment, enlightenment, transformation and sustainability.

Air/Ocean version of the Icosahedron Dymaxion
Map from the Buckminster Fuller Institute

Universal Stewardheirship, Inc
. (US, Incorporated) consists of 20 synergistically aligned facets like an icosahedron. They include this new cause-oriented company
(based on the Benefit Corporation or B Corp model) and several affiliated not-for-profit organizations. Determination of which organization serves as the lead entity in any initiative is based upon consideration of the unique factors in that situation.

Our shared mission is Expanding the Circle of Success
to generate greater individual and collective capacity for solving the social, economic and environmental challenges we define as “Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzles”.  Some of the major programs, projects, and initiatives are included in the icosahedron diagram below.

There are over 20 interconnected revenue streams and profit centers including: Print and Digital Publishing; Audio Video Production; Membership Services; Online Training; Webinars; Teleseminars; Coaching; Consulting Services; Certification of EmpowerMentors™; Seminars; Workshops; Playshops; Resource Showcases,  Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems; CAN DO! Community Economic Development Resource Centers; Product Sales, Licensing and Franchising; Affiliate Programs; Grants; Donations; Contracts; etc.

Click on any of the facets in the diagram below for more information about that facet

In his award-winning documentary I AM, producer Tom Shadyac asks some of today’s most
profound thinkers, two questions – What’s wrong with our world? and What can we do about it?

 Tom's insightful documentary provides background on why we incorporated Universal Stewardheirship, Inc. based on the new Benefit Corporation model. It also validates the reasons we are launching the Expanding the Circle of Success campaign to help answer the two questions his documentary ends with: What's right with our world? and How can we help manifest what we refer to as Earth Stewardheirship? 

Strategic Marketing Matrix™ for Universal Stewardheirship, Inc.

The cell at the center of the table represents the ultimate vision. The eight cells closet to the center include major components that help us accomplish our vision and mission. The next sixteen cells are the next level of priorities. The outer rows and columns include introductory resources such as web sites, blogs, articles, e-zines, webinars, teleseminars, seminars, workshops, affiliate programs and major joint venture initiatives.






Printed Newsletters and Magazines

Online Quizzes and Self-assessments


Webinars and Teleseminars



 Consulting Services

Publishing, Marketing and Distribution

KIM 2 Which Pieces of Solving Your Ultimate destiny march 2011cropped

Ultimate Destiny Success SystemKIM dadandbooks

Empowerment 101

Enlightenment 101 Enlightenment 101 new cover

Success Puzzles
Cover Page from SuccesPuzzleUltimateDestinyland


Web Sites and Blogs

Coproducing Major Development Training Events and Seminars


Ultimate Destiny University Playshops for Center for Positive Living SCBFINAL

Ultimate Destiny University

Expanding the Circle of SuccessCHAZ Ultimate Destiny Wheel Elance

CENTER SPACE TUTTLE image and Words Rev

Community Unity
Partnership Programs

Combining "Brick and Mortar" Centers with "Click and Learn" Technology

Seminars and Workshops

Cocreative Visioning

Fulfilling the Destiny of the USA
REV Solving the Ultimate Destiny Success Puzzle for the USA

Blessing Millions, Manifesting Stewardship Over Billions, Leaving a Trillion Dollar Legacy

Hall of Fame Awards

Retreat Centers
and Intentional Communities

Sedona Gerries Dad 3 (2)


Offering Programs on "Pay What It's Worth To You" Basis


Harnessing Creative Power
CC CocreateYourUltimateDestinyWithSpiritualMindTreatmentCover

ETMS ™ Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems

Living Skills
Successful Living Skills for the 21st Centrury cover

CAN DO! CED Empowerment
Resource Centers


Multi-Media Programs

UDSS CD Copy 2010


Training and Certification
Of Trainers

New Thought 101
CC New Thought 101cover1

Infopreneurship University

The ART of Successful Living

Universal Stewardheirship

New Thought University
Strategic Marketing MatrixCoverofPDF

Ultimate Fundraising Programs for NPOs


Licensing and Franchising


"Earn, Learn and Return" Affiliate

Joint Venture Marketing

Internet Radio
and Video

Public Domain Works


Strategic Marketing Matrix Copyright 2010-2012 by Universal Stewardheirship, Inc. All rights reserved

Click Here for a PDF of the Strategic Marketing Matrix Above

Following are four other examples of how we create a Strategic Marketing Matrix
 to help ensure the ultimate success of our organizations, programs and products.

(The programs and products represented by the images in the center of the tables are the highest level priorities, similar to the highest priced items in a marketing funnel. The outer images represent various free and minimal cost resources that are strategically designed and marketed to generate traffic, promote cross sales and upsales.)

Click Here for a PDF for Ultimate Destiny's Strategy for "Blessing Millions and Leaving a Trillion Dollar Legacy"

Click Here for a PDF of the Implementation Strategy for Establishing CAN DO!
CED Empowerment Resource Centers

Click Here for a PDF of the Strategy for Helping Introduce the Principles and Practices Known as New Thought

Click Here for a PDF for CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Empowerment)