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The Body Temple Building in the City of Light

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Genii Townsend's Visit to the Embassy of Peace Headquarters Saturday June 13, 2015


The opening scene has me going through a City gate and I am met by my guide, La-Luke, as he jumps off a trolley and helps me aboard. It is all quiet and no one is seen as we trolley off to the Embassy of Peace with a few questions for Ooo-lon. What a different world this is. The feeling of love in heavy quantities is experienced. Oh yes, indeed, this is the City of Love, and everyone will experience what I am feeling right now -- wonderful! After a short ride we stop at the Embassy. 

I am helped off at the back entrance and escorted onto the huge stage where I see Ooo-lon coming to me.  A zillion extraterrestrials seated in the audience are waving as Ooo-lon leads me to our usual seats of honor. Yes, this is my world! 

Ooo-lon: "Welcome Lady of Light. How may I serve you and your world this visit?" 

Genii: "It is good to be back. Can you tell me any more of the 13 Cities to appear? I am getting asked this many times." 

O: "Yes, some.  They are Sedona AZ., Australia, the United Kingdom, China, The Netherlands, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Russia, and Italy with the rest to be announced.” 

G: Thank you. That is a help. Now I have been informed of a new building here that I had not heard of before that releases unneeded thoughts which perpetuate body ailments of many kinds. Can you tell me about it please?" 

O: "You are speaking of The Body Temple Building! This, indeed, is a place of release, where mental thoughts are transformed from the negative to bring forth a healing needed. The idea that thoughts are things has been spoken of many times, but is not paid much attention to and thus the penalty is pain and suffering.To correct the thinking, the book the Dr. Bill Townsend put together entitled Your Body Bible, will be a must as people enter this building for cleansing. 

Picture this - - 

1. A person has a physical pain of some sort and wants it released.

2. They come to the City Body Temple and are given as a first step, a copy of Your Body Bible to find out what ails them and this energy factor begins the process.

3. This is where the agreement for a mental release is put into action.

4. They then enter into a 'pod room' that has the advanced technology to release that conditional thought.

5. Thus, in this release, the pain is removed because the subconscious thought has been removed.

 G: "Can the same condition return again?" 

O: "No. The mental imprint is removed totally. The City Body Temple is considered the completion building.” 

G: "Can all the other unknown imprints be released at the same time?" 

O: "Not as such because the human mind is a composite of many thoughts and many connections and your body temple runs on this premise. This is what Your Body Bible Hand Book is for, to pinpoint the area of distress and ready it for release. 

“Also to be noted, many people subconsciously want to keep their affliction for many reasons. A misconception of love is a major one, as in being ill. They think if they are ill, someone will love them and take care of them. Is this done in malice? Not generally, but it happens.

“Take a person who says, ‘I have suffered from this back pain for years, but I am okay. I get by, as I take such and such remedies from the drug store’. The human mind can get pretty tricky in its thinking, and the victim can become subdued in its agreement to suffer in silence.  Who wins? The drug companies, of course.  They provide the substance to help ease the pain. Donations are made daily to find the cure for a malady and do not realize it is in their thinking. The City Body Temple Building clears the path for healing, by releasing the unloved part through high outer space Advanced Technology, thus clearing the human body temple. 

“The Memory Manor also clears old mental data from areas where stored. This City Body Temple Building concentrates on the human body exclusively. Both buildings are somewhat connected, of course. More will be spoken of as we proceed but this will do for now. It is heart work at its best. Be not concerned, the body temple has the clearing love, and healings are on the way." 

G: "The book, Your Body Bible, and the City Body Temple are connected." 

O: "As said before, and now pay attention. Another area to be considered is those individuals who have gone through The 4 Keys to Light, are doing the codes, have been light-linked and know who their guides are, can be of City service. These Light Links can be of service, as they can project their light into helping uninformed humans of what has taken place right on their City grounds, as well as outside the City, since they have a main connection. So then, has this been of help?  

G: "Yes of course. I shall go back into my world and report what you have told me. This is quite exciting!" 

O: "Keep The 4 Keys moving forward and the new Meet-ups as well, as getting this information first hand (so to speak) can make an imprint of City Love meaningful. Return as needed or advised for updates and we shall open more mental City doors into this City of Light Absolute! In the meantime know all is well, of course." 

G: "Thank you all for your confidence in me and the love you bring to this planet. Lord knows we need it!" 

And with this, we stood, hugged goodbye and the scene ended with me blinking at the flowers outside my bedroom window with the beautiful red rocks of Sedona in the background, and my Pomeranian puppy, Light Spirit, looking for a cookie! Thanks God, I am so blessed. Happy day in every way!

Genii Townsend (trans-audio visionary)   


Embassy Visit Tuesday 6-16-2015


Genii:  Interesting beginning.  In my meditative vision opening scene I see myself walking alone, right into the Embassy itself, with no usual entrance at the gate or a trolley ride to get here. Fast trip! I enter into the lobby entrance and all is very quiet as I step into the main arena where all the seats are empty. "What is going on now?" I mumbled to myself, as usually this place is filled to overflowing with friends from other places in the universe. Then looking ahead I see Ooo-lon standing stage front, waving to me with a big smile. Who could refuse that smile?  So up the stairs I go for a special hug from the headmaster.   

Ooo-lon: "Welcome back, Lady Light." 

G: "Something is going on I am not aware of. It sure is quiet here." 

O: "Something is going on, that you are quite aware of. It is this City and certainly has God’s love embedded." 

G: "Such as?" 

O: "To bring you up to date in a calm and not so busy state of progress as we continue to its completion." 

G: "The last time I was here, you spoke of several others Cities to come forth in other countries." 

O: "Oh yes, right this moment, we have Universal Beings working to bring more Cities forth after this City appears like magic into your planet scene." 

G: "What do you expect to see happen as this first City arrives and the speculation of others begins the massive changeover of this planet?" 

O: "Oh yes, as many of the Universal Beings work with them as well. We laugh when we see an article that says people wonder if there are any ETs coming to the planet. Hello, we are quite here and have been for a long time (some feel too long).  

“The love you sense, feel, and know, is even now pouring out into your local area due to the City presence there. Things are changing, like the weather patterns, and even the total silence you experienced a few days ago that felt very strange and not natural is part of the change. 

“So then, this meeting is to let you know that all is completing. If you could see what it takes in technology to bring this City about, you would indeed understand why it seems to have taken so long to materialize. But my dear, it will and as again said, be worth the wait. Be calm and all is well! Each of the various buildings have their own ways of healing for various reasons.  As you have said," WE NEED THIS!!" 

G: "We indeed do. Thank you God. Tell me more, please, about the Body Temple Building just told to me. There seems to be several buildings of different kinds that work with our thoughts and emotions that we bring forth that are not healthy." 

O: "Quite so. The human mental area is the beginning and the human body has to be the receiver, and of course, the mind makes it so. If everyone could only think loving thoughts for themselves, and others there would be no reason for this City to appear. All would be healthy and loving and there would be none of the nonsense that is going on in your streets of anger and frustration. 

“The humans were given a choice and in that choosing and having to be always in control due to some kind of fear, things turned out not so healthy. So the Great Creator has sent us from the universe to bring to your planet, a universal love pattern, so all can really enjoy the life they were given and not go to war for one reason or another. Such stupidity! 

“People will accept love coming from a creator, such as you call God or Buddha or the Christ, as all are pure love. Remember this.  Accept this love that is now entering or leave to re-adjust as many are now doing by the thousands in one way or another. This City of Holy Healing is a gift of love with new thoughts for choosing to have a happy life of love and even pass it to the children who come in love, until the adults teach them otherwise.  

“Expect celebrations as this massive undertaking brings joy in many forms and makes your planet shine in the heavens like the moon. It is time to enjoy life and the fun of living. Too long have you been under darkness as a companion, due to incorrect thinking. 

“I just wanted to have a private chat with you to clear any points not understood. As you send out the information on the power sessions titled The 4 Keys to Light that you have taught for eons of time and students get 'Light Linked' with the Energy of God, they carry that power into the planet and even the universe. This makes for a divine session. 

“Our chats like this will soon come to an end as a new way of meeting will come about. How about in person? Time to take your message to the people and it is their choice what they choose to do with it.  

G: "I think I can carry the message. Thank you." 

O: "Return if needed or requested." 

G: “Indeed. Thanks for all you all have done to help us think better, and thus live our lives better and healthier." 

A hug, the scene ended, and I am back home in Sedona on a very sunny unusually hot day.  Something must be coming. So love it be!   

Genii Townsend


Hello Genii, 

Hope all is well in your world today. I accepted the invitation to visit the City Body Temple yesterday and met with Como a Space Light Technologist, and would like to share the information I received.  First of all, human free will be the determining factor if someone will  be worked on or not. Each individual who enters into the City Body Temple must agree to allow and accept the healing. If they choose not to enter into this contract, the Lightworkers cannot and will not be permitted to do the healing.

 Question:  I asked Como how does the healing of the physical form take place?

Answer: "There are specific octaves of sound which originate from the Father's Realm which resonate total Perfection and Love. When the cells of the human body are exposed to these Sacred Tones, they are immediately  transformed back into perfect alignment and healing takes place.  In the presence of these Sacred Tones only God's Perfection and Love can exist. ( thus the cells respond accordingly) At the same time, certain colors are used in conjunction with the Sacred Tones and they serve to magnify the effect. The constant bathing of human cells in Sacred Sounds and Colors which represent the Father's Love produce the permanent healing."

Question: How do you permanently remove the underlying mental and emotional causes ( as covered in the book Your Body Bible) which initially produced and later maintained the Dis-ease in the first place? 

Answer:  "We are able to map out the human brain and with pinpoint accuracy, we then identify the specific area of negativity which is responsible .( to us it appears as a dark spot in the brain)  We are then able to vaporize this spot using Light technology thus removing all cellular memory. We then bathe the area in Sacred Tones and Colors and restore everything to it's original condition of Perfection.            

"By addressing both the cause and the effect, we are able to bring the human form back into perfect balance. All the Sacred Tones and Light Frequencies also balance the Chakras ( the energy centers). Remember the human form is an energetic body of light, and when we purify and balance the chakras, remove the physical ailment, and remove the underlying mental and emotional causes, then Perfect Balance is once again restored  and the individual is once again in TOTAL ONENESS with God's Perfection and Love.

"I have of course SIMPLIFIED this explanation to make it easier for all to understand. This is an extremely easy procedure for us to perform and we have a 100% success rate. That is fact, for in the higher dimensions from which we come we are ego-less and only act from a place of Pure Love. So there is no reason for me to brag, I just state fact."               

That was the end of what I received. Very encouraging and enlightening to say the least. Take Care and Have a Great Day!
Dr Rick Cohen


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