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Universal Cities of Light, Love, and Healing!

Genii Townsend's new book Something's Coming! Universal Cities of Light, Love, and Healing!
has been a BEST SELLER in the New Age Prophecy category on that includes titles by
Drunvalo Melchizedek, Gregg Braden, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Edgar Cayce, David Wilcox, David Icke, Nostradamus, Doreen Virtue, etc.

"I have closely followed the progress of the 'Cities of Light', and I have never known such an exciting prospect as their appearance which is soon expected. They will be amongst some of the spectacular early developments of the New Age. The prototype that is destined for Sedona has been regularly visited by Genii, and will be sensational for its wide and varied range of advanced technology, particularly where healing is concerned. You are unlikely to ever read another book of this nature, that is a first hand account by Genii of what to expect. Her style of writing takes you with her, and you can share her many heartfelt experiences. It is a unique book, about a unique experience that you will not want to miss.)" -- Mike Quinsey

"Genii Townsend made a decision long ago to take things that don't turn out quite right and completely transform them. It's no wonder she was selected to meet with the galactics and introduce so many of us to the cities of light. All Lightworkers have a mission but Genii's has brought so many people excitement and delight. I personally can't wait to have a guided tour from her and a completely relaxing and restoring visit. Something's coming ... and Genii is our impresario and cherished guide for it." -- Steve Beckow

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Click Here for the new Foreword to Something's Coming by Stephen Cook

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"Several days ago I received one of the best "book gifts" of my life, a ponderously huge 444 page book in more ways than size---length, width, breadth and weight---titled, "SOMETHING COMING! Universal Cities of Light---Love and Healing!  by GENII TOWNSEND and ever since, I could not wait to take time out of my already high priority, first things first list of daily commitments to sit in the silence and excitedly read 40 or more book pages at a sitting. Now that I have finished this colossal light-filled book, and am thrilled, uplifted and enlightened by what I have read, I am happy to share a rave review of Genii's book." -- Russ Michael

  Click Here for the complete review by Russ Michael of February 18


SOMETHING'S COMING Book Description by Catherine Rourke

“Something’s Coming”… and it’s good news for a change! In an era when many are focused on end-of-the-world doom and gloom, along comes an exciting book to uplift humanity, reminding us that we are not alone and that help is already on the way. As the world faces an unprecedented crossroads of transformation after millennia of honing this process, we have finally arrived and the Cities of Light are the resulting manifestation. 

The first of book of its kind ever, Something’s Coming represents an invitation of expectancy prophesied centuries ago as the Second Coming. Author Genii Townsend, a trans-audio visionary, shares information kept secret for 25 years. Her “inner-vision trip” began in 1982 when her husband, Rev. William Townsend, Ph.D., a Religious Science minister, brought forth drawings of Cities of Light while in meditation. After his passing, Genii Townsend continued where he left off and the city visits are now recorded in this book.   

No development on earth is more fascinating than the advent of the Cities of Light, and the discussion can be traced to the middle of the last century. What, exactly, is a City of Light?  Much like Atlantis, it is a port where the star brothers and sisters can come for exchange of cultural ideas, technology, art and healing. The book describes it as “the unfoldment of a very large universal plan. It is going beyond the universe to…an interdimensional portal of love where beings from everywhere can experience a community of love.”  

The Cities of Light can be glimpsed with our physical eyes but are more apparent to our Third and Fourth Eyes. They are “crystal cities of the future, places of peace and harmony where love prevails.” As real places in the higher dimensions, people can “anchor new realities and new dimensional realities within the 3rd dimension” as an expanded experience. They are also for advanced healing through light, sound and color—“examples of what can be done by using our technologies for the good of all.” 

The book describes the purpose and plans for a City of Light in Sedona, Arizona—a prototype for 13 more cities to appear around the planet “any day now.” Included are diagrams and descriptions of advanced technologies, prophecies, discussion of the need for spiritual awakening and enlightenment on earth, and details of the city’s amazing features. 

Townsend writes: “After the City of Light appears overnight, it will be noted as a definite groundbreaking event never before witnessed as nothing like this exists now or has before. This is not a pie-in-the-sky fairy tale. It actually will be in 3D. You will be able to walk into it like any building we have now.” 

She paints a picture for readers of what it’s like to enter such a place after over 100 visits she has made to the Embassy of Peace Headquarters within the City of Light. “Imagine entering a place of such beauty that it makes you an instant believer that anything is possible, like entering a 5-story-high gate that is encoded with your personal beliefs that makes you feel like you just came home. 

“Imagine experiencing healing techniques in light modules where no drugs, knives or needles can sever the body's electrical lines. A Memory Manor building where you can release past memory hurts with no emotion attached. A Fountain of Light that makes you feel physically and mentally great, and sitting on benches that massage the body. An Empowerment Emporium where you can balance your emotions. A “Birth-aterium” where babies are born laughing with the mother who had no anesthesia, no pain and the only crying is for the pure joy of the experience. A stadium-size building called The Embassy of Peace where “Light Beings gather to help bring forth peace on this earth.” 

In channelings through Genii and others, it has been said that “All of these changes await you and they are not too far in the future. Think positively about them and you will be helping to manifest them much sooner than we have allowed for. 

“Thus the cities of light function to heal us and raise our vibrations and consciousness. They are delightful places to be, they are places where peace reigns already." They exist in the Fifth Dimension and higher and are destined to play a large role in the transfer of learning and technology for us in the new Golden Age. 

Townsend writes: “Will it enhance peoples’ lives? I think the common words will be ‘OH MY GOD!’ I  ask you to hold the vision in your heart. Make no mistake, this planet will glow in love like never before.” The stage is ready, the scenes inside these pages invite you to witness what is coming about, and this is your invitation, page by page, before the magic happens. Get your copy and get ready for the greatest show on earth. This book will show you how you can enter the city portals and change your reality forever.


"Anxiously awaiting the materialization of this most wondrous City of Light! The dated descriptions of all that has gone into the creation of this City of Light is a story to be read many times over and shared with all who look forward to the city's manifestation. If my understanding is correct, the City will encompass a huge area, over lighting Sedona, AZ and the red rock canyons, continuing on down towards the Phoenix area. A most awesome sight to behold and open to all. Love is the key, and healing on all levels will be available. Thank you Genii for giving us this wonderfully descriptive book to savor, and thanks to you, Charles, for getting it published." By Janis Gilbreath

Genii sitting in The Light Center autographing copies of her book.

5.0 out of 5 stars “Genii Townsend's book is a MUST read for every person who is wondering and praying about the conditions we are facing in our world. Are these the "End Times"
of John's Prophetic "Book of Revelation?" Genii's book focuses on the positive side of the prophecy, wherein John declares that the "City of God, the New Jerusalem" will descend from the heavens, and herald in the age of peace. Genii is saying that she and her late husband have been privy to a great deal of information about this city. It is REAL. Its descent is imminent.

John was entirely correct in his vision of the glory of this holy city. It has begun as an etheric creation, and is therefore invisible to human eyes, but it is soon to take on the visibility of the physical world, and will "appear" overnight. When it becomes known and visible, its presence will astound the world, for the glory of God will radiate from it. There has never been anything like this on earth, and it will change our reality forever. This book is 100% positive good news that God's work is alive and well on planet earth after all, and an astounding goodness is about to happen right in the midst of the chaos of our times.” -- Renee Trenda, Stelle, Illinois

Please buy the book directly from The Sedona Light Center instead of!

5.0 out of 5 stars “Genii Townsend has a wonderful gift for taking complex, Universally-deep and what some may see as 'out there' concepts, truths and messages from the higher spiritual realms, adding her own dose of 'Genii' magic and making them easy to understand and entertainingly so. From the moment I picked up her first book, The City of Light Sedona, I was there in the breathtaking City of Light with her and I was having fun! I knew then that Genii is a very special lady with an equally special mission: to open all our eyes to the amazing possibilities that the Universe is truly offering us including the imminent arrival of the Cities of Light.

“Soon after I had Genii on my InLight Radio show The Light Agenda to share her unique 'insider' knowledge of the Cities of Light which are soon due to appear all around the world: what they will look like, what they will bring us and how they will change our lives. In Something's Coming! Genii introduces us to her guides, her sources and her friends who have given her a unique invitation to take us by the hand and lead us on a delightfully fun-filled journey beyond The City gates and upwards into our very near future.

“With her warm and gentle writing style, she offers us easy to digest information about the really big concepts that are already changing our world forever. These include: the true history of our planet and our ancestors; our cosmic advancement and Ascension; the return of the Ascended Masters and the Christed energy; recognition of the presence of our Galactic brothers and sisters; the coming new technologies and free energy; the notion of time and timelessness; the concepts of age and agelessness; and, of course, the healing capabilities we all wish to enjoy in the Cities of Light. If want to know what's in store for all of us in the not-too-distant future, let Genii be your guide and let Something's Coming! be your guide book.” -- Stephen Cook, News Editor, Golden Age of Gaia, Australia

Thank you for joining us in this amazing journey!

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“Genii's first book, The City of Light Sedona was an amazing read and now what a treat it is to have Genii's newest book ‘Something’s Coming’.  This is a book that will surely be among the classics of the world!  With over 130 new visits into the City of Light's Embassy of Peace,  Something’s Coming is packed full of inspiration, space technology and a clear vision of the greatest gift for humanity one could ever dream of!  Once you start reading, you won't want to put it down! Is Genii going out on a limb? To be sure... And I'm right out there with her!!! As she walked inside our domes of light, here in Sedona, wearing sparkling clothes and immense light around her, I knew my wish to meet a real Genii had been answered! We immediately locked our mutual blue eyes and my life has never been the same. I feel so blessed to have had first-hand experience with Genii, and her '4 Keys to Light' Teachings.  I am a "Light Link" now, with not only direct, clear connection with my loving spiritual guides, who I call my divine team, I actually received their names!  And with this heavenly gift, have seen myself in a City of Light!  It was a thrill beyond words when Genii received word from OOO-LON, a Light Being who speaks to her in front of thousands of ET's in the Embassy of Peace, that the domes we live in are 5th dimensional, as well as Sky Maps for the Bringers of the City of Light. He also informed her that I hold the energy and the experience to be a helper in the "Birth-aterium (a special place in the City where childbirth is pain free and Joy filled!!!)  Right up my alley!!! Genii is truly a walking testament of one who has the faith of Job, the strength of a Jedi and the balance of a tight rope walker!!!  For me, she is the most amazing example of LOVE embodied on this planet!”  -- Nina Joy, Author of "Fearless Birth & Beyond, Experiences of Joyous Conscious Birth" and Co-steward of  

Author Genii Townsend Introduces The City of Light



"Genii Townsend is a visionary. For over 25 years she has been bringing us the vision of the Sedona City of Light. Quantum physics teaches us that everything in this universe is comprised of energy at the level of the atom or smaller. Every-thing of matter first exists at the unseen level before it comes into existence at the level of our physical eyesight. The unseen level is the etheric, it is there at the level of the atoms that all existence takes place. Ancient cultures, all of the world’s major religions, talk of a form of The City of Light, of a place in the future that is filled with love and healing grace. The Bible calls it The New Jerusalem. Genii has the gift to see the unseen, to see the etheric development, to see and visit The City of Light in the unseen world. Faith is the ability to see and believe in the unseen, no matter what critics or unbelievers may say. All of our major changes in our world have first started at the level of faith, to see the unseen and bring it into existence. She is our pioneer blazing the trail to bring us The City of Light. It is her resounding faith and belief that is creating the energy that is bringing forth this wonderful City. As we join her, we will add to the etheric energy that will bring The City into our physical existence. Do we know when this will happen? I don't. But I do understand that the etheric level has no sense of time - at that level time is non-existent. Therefore The City will come forth into our world when there is enough collective energy from the inhabitants of this Earth to bring it forward. But we need not despair as it is a very small percentage needed to bring forth such collective energy. I am joining Genii in believing for this wonder-ful future City. I choose to add my energy of belief to the larger collection. Come and join me as we together believe for this wonderful new future." -- Hon. Dave Schmidt, WA State Senator, retired.

Author Genii Townsend Presents The City of Light!

Rev. Dr. Audrey Turner Introducing Genii

Genii Describes The Gate Towers

"Best-selling author" Genii autographs books

Genii answers questions about The 4 Keys to Light


Dear Charles and Genii,

Genii beloved soul and so artistically creative spiritual sister, your awesome looking and feeling book arrived, and was so nicely, personally autographed to me, and so wonderously gift-heart-wrapped... I thank you!  Big HUG.

I know I will really enjoy reading and pondering over what is now forever recorded here so nicely, and I will happily "speak to it" to my daily Newsletter readers, soon as I get more fully into the sparkling core synthesis of most of what you have presented to all of us on Earth within it.  Congratulations! On scribing what I absolutely know will in due time surely be recognized worldwide as a well-read classic revelatory spiritual book.   

Charles my beloved brother, what a ponderous, nicely layed-out, wide range of ultra-interesting spiritual subjects. I see a Structured Water chapter in it. Good editing choice.  Congratulations! On doing such a terrific book "publishing house" job.

I see that this is NOT a "quick read" book that I can do a worthy "Book Review" of in a few days---as with most books I have read and reviewed... AND I am really so very pleased at the special low book buyer price of this book, considering the ponderous size and the obvious immense amount of quality work and precious time that has been put into the writing and the quality production I see and I know that went into publishing it.

The name of my "publishing house"---that published my 8 books total then in 1975---when I was producing and hosting my own weekly hour long Warner TV Show SERIES in Washington D.C. on the "MYTERIES" was "Millennium Publishing House, Inc."  So, I know personally about the immense time and effort needed to publish a quality book! Be assured---both of you---I am ever so grateful for this loving gift, and I will be back in touch soon. Bless us all.  I am, Russ Michael

Genii provides a more detailed introduction to the City of Light


The LIGHT Center Vision, Mission and Purpose 

The Sedona Light Center is a non-profit membership organization based in Sedona, Arizona. The Light Center was incorporated on April 7, 2008 to help individuals become more empowered and enlightened and realize accelerated personal and spiritual development. The Light Center publishes, produces and distributes educational programs, products and services that foster Love, Imagination, Growth, Healing and Awakening to True Spiritual Identity.

The foundation of the Teachings of The Light Center includes "New Thought" Science of Mind principles and practices. Cofounder Genii Townsend and her late husband, Rev. William Townsend, were entrusted with a vision and plot plans for a "City of Light" prophesized to manifest over Sedona, Arizona.

The vision is similar to many other revelations and prophecies including Ken Carey's description of Mobile Cities of Light in The Starseed Transmissions.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Sedona City of Light A must read, This book is so full of TRUTH that I kept getting truth shivers up and down my spine! I can not wait for this beautiful City of Light to manifest so I can go there!  John Baumann, Sedona, AZ

The new Something's Coming manuscript has over 420 pages includes most of the background history first published in The City of Light Sedona

For more than 30 years, Genii's had been instructed to keep a low profile and protect the secret documents regarding the coming forth of the City of Light. Genii's Guides have recently advised her that now is the time for her to share the information in her stewardship with any others who may be interested. It was that guidance that led to the incorporation of The Light Center and this invitation for you to discover how you might participate.

For several decades, Genii has created and facilitated classes on The 4 Keys to Light, 13 Goddesses of Inner Light, and "playshops" on topics such as Women's Empowerment, Inner Child Healing, etc. Genii has founded or co-founded several non-profit groups designed to help participants awaken and become more empowered including GLOW, (Gathering Light Of Wisdom), The Wonderful World of Wishes and Ultimate Destiny University.

Contact us for information on the next regularly scheduled  4 Keys to Light classes:

The initial base of operations for The Light Center is Genii's home in Sedona. We have transformed the 200 square foot dining room into a training, conference and meeting room for 12 participants. Please Click Here for more information including some before, during and after photos and an invitation to become a Charter Member of The Light Center. We also offer frequent City of Light Meet Up gatherings in The Light Center.

Thank you for visiting!

“With The City of Light Sedona, The 4 Keys to Light and her new book, Something’s Coming, Genii Townsend provides spiritual initiates with the ultimate users’ manual and cosmic blueprint for tapping our greatest power as Light Technicians on the path to higher consciousness. Experiencing the 4 Keys to Light initiation with Genii in 2009 was one of the greatest gifts of a lifetime. Genii has channeled a virtual “GPS” system and high-speed connection to the Light Source, bestowing initiates with a true spiritual compass for navigating these transformational times and reinforcing our connection with Divine Intelligence.

“Just a few hours over the course of two days profoundly changed the course of my entire life in the most positive ways. I honestly can’t imagine how I would have weathered the storms of the past few years without the tools and techniques I learned in the 4 Keys. Genii teaches us how to transmute negative energy and communicate more directly with our guides. It was after reading her book and attending her 4 Keys class that I began to hear messages and receive guidance from the higher dimensions with greater ease and clarity. I adapted tools and techniques that have become part of my spiritual practice, assisting me to connect with the Light on an everyday basis to grace the path. Both of Genii’s books and The 4 Keys of Light will profoundly change the course of your life in the most amazing ways, as it did mine. Genii is an angel, prophet and master in our midst from whom we can learn true mastery, knowing, self-empowerment and a sacred re-connection with our higher forces.” -- Catherine J, Rourke, Editor & Publisher, The Sedona Observer 

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